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Sunday, 6 September 2020

How much coffee is good for you?

How much coffee is good for you?

If you are a big fan of coffee then you should known how much coffee is good for you. Many peoples are addicted with the coffee to wake up you in the morning. You are not alone, there are millions of peoples they have used coffee on the regular based to increase alertness, relieve weakness and increase focus. Peoples are confused regarding the quantity of the coffee to take...!!

How much coffee is healthy for you....!!

According to the study of BMJ, Drinking 3 to 4 cups coffee a day has health advantages for your body but average drinking coffee is harmless. According to the study found that the risk is lower of cancer and liver disease in coffee drinkers. The studies also confirm that high consumption of coffee during the pregnancy is very harmful. Apart from that it is also dangerous for those women who are breastfeeding. Many of specialist told that peoples not to start drinking coffee for the health purpose.

Heavy caffeine use can produce lots of side effect in adult body. Caffeine is not a good drink for those who have taken some medicines.

Advantages of taking four cup of coffee

Four cups of strong coffee is good for healthy heart, particular for adults and older. According to the German researchers, coffee serves as a magic fuel on our heart health. This study applied for those candidates who have taken four cups of coffee of days.
Here are health benefits of drinking coffee...!!

1. Body Process Glucose
2. Develop heart failure
3. Help to Protect Your Liver
4. DNA Will Stronger
5. Decrease Cancer
6. Lower Stroke risk

Disadvantages of taking more than 4 cups

Taking more than 4 cups of coffee is bad for your health. You have to decrease the consumption of numbers of cups of coffee.
Here are some side effects if you drink more than 4 cups of coffee.

1. Headache
2. Nervousness
3. Irritation
4. Anxiety
5. Weakness
6. Upset Stomach
7. Increase heart Rates
8. Raise Blood Pressure

Drinking less coffee makes you nervous

Many peoples are extra sensitive as compared to others. If they have taken a cup of tea of coffee or little amounts may cause unexpected effects like headache, stress and sleep difficulties. Apart from that, many of them have taken too many cups of coffee as a result they feeling nervous, moody and asleep. 

What about for Children’s & Teens

Many of peoples report that they are heavily addicted with the coffee because they have trouble for quitting it. There are some teen’s reports that they have experienced unwanted physical and psychological side effects.


Many of studies suggest that up to four cups of coffee is good for your health. If you are taking caffeine on the regular base than you should closely monitored your health. It’s important to keeping close eye on caffeine intake of younger ones. You can help to prevent some of the negative side effects of coffee like anxiety, Diarrhea and dehydration.

How much coffee is good for you?

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