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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Wax Pen Vs. Smoking Weed

Wax Pen Vs. Smoking Weed

As a result of the approval of cannabis in most of the US states, multiple tools have emerged that are useful in weed ingestion. Although the traditional methods of weed consumption are valid, many find them out of fashion. Furthermore, due to the stigma attached to cannabis, many consumers like taking it discreetly. 

Wax pens are trendy gadgets that heat marijuana concentrate on vapour production. The device looks like a pen hence the name wax pen. Smoking weed, on the other hand, uses joints and entails inhaling smoke from burnt marijuana. In case you want to understand why wax pens are essential than smoking weed, keep reading.

Downsides of smoking weed

Smoking of weed comes with multiple side effects, including irritation, harming the respiratory system, and may inflame a user. Furthermore, the combustion of substances like cannabis releases multiple toxins, irritants, and tars that can cause cancer. When you inhale smoke from burnt marijuana, you consume all the above harmful substances.

Research indicates that tar is harmful to the various parts of your respiratory system, including lungs, airways, and your mouth. Studies have confirmed that cannabis smoke has over 50 cancer-causing particles. Specifically, benzyprene produced by cannabis smoke suppresses gene P53, which suppresses tumour formation. This shows that when you smoke marijuana, you expose yourself to various kinds of conditions like lung cancer.

Cannabis smoking is also a contributory factor to various respiratory problems like coughing, wheezing, and difficulty in inhaling.

Perks of Wax pen

To offset the many adverse effects of cannabis smoking, wax pens offer an excellent alternative. There are many advantages of using wax pens over marijuana smoking as follows:

Better for lungs 

Marijuana smoking may damage your lungs in the long run. The smoke contains multiple chemicals like tar that spoil your lungs and which may predispose you to lung cancer. The main objective of vaporizers is to overcome these health challenges associated with smoking weed. 

The wax pens heat the wax concentrates at a specific temperature, which produces vapor containing the essential compounds in cannabis plants such as CBD and THC. Because the elements don't go through combustion, they don't produce harmful substances like tar. This means that whatever you inhale is safe for your lungs. Some people suggest that vaporizing marijuana boosts the production of terpenes that are essential for healthy lungs.


Many people don't like exposing themselves to public glare while consuming marijuana. This is because weed is still stigmatized despite its legalization. Smoking weed exposes you to the public contempt. However, vaporizing offers you the discreet you deserve, and you can consume your weed at a go.

Wax joints enable you to taste flavour notes 

The vaporizing enables does not burn the wax concentrates like what smoking does to weed. You're likely to enjoy cannabis' multiple flavour’s when you vaporize it. Furthermore, the taste from wax pens is cleaner and has all the flavours found in cannabis.

Complex high-tech features

Wax pens are an inventive method of consuming weed. The pens come with multiple features designed with ultra-modern technology that makes the whole process of vaping a great experience. The innovative features found in wax pens are like digital controls, accurate temperature adjustment, and others.

Provide high efficacy 

The vape pens make it possible for you to enjoy wax concentrates that are bubbling with multiple cannabis compounds. The high amounts of bioavailability of these compounds in your system deliver quick and effective relief to your condition.

Efficiency and money-saving

Unlike smoking of weed that may waste some of your product, vaporizing is an efficient technology that lessens the amount of wastage. You only use what you draw from the concentrate. This means that what hasn't been used is still available for future use.

Wax pens produce the minimal smell

When you vaporize your wax, there is less production of order. This, coupled with the portability of the device, boosts the discreetness of your weed consumption. Smoking, on the other hand, produces orders that may linger around and disturb people, including your family, neighbours, and others. The smoke's smell may stick to your clothes and stay for long.


Wax pens are portable, which enables you to carry them around and enjoy your concentrates whenever you feel like. The wax pens are compact, light-weight, and come with special cases to keep them.

The issue of second-hand smoking
Vaporizing does not create a chance of second-hand smoking for the people near you. This makes them safe while vaping near them. Smoking weed, on the other hand, makes those near you to inhale the smoke produced. This makes them vulnerable to various conditions associated with smoking.

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