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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Travel Guide to Visayas, Philippines

Travel Guide to Visayas, Philippines

If you were to ask us ‘what is the best tourist destination in the huge archipelagic nation of the Philippines’, we would say the Visayas region. Visayas refers to the central region of the Philippines and it is one of the three main island groups of the country besides Luzon and Mindanao. Visayas is popular for its mesmerizing islands, pretty beaches with pristine blue waters, Chocolate Hills, and the endangered smallest primate in the world-Filipino Tarsier. Our little Travel Guide to Visayas, Philippines has all the information you need for getting a holiday started in Visayas, Philippines.

What region is Visayas in the Philippines?
The Visayas region is the central region of the country and is made up of three geographical regions: Western Visayas, Central Visayas, and Eastern Visayas. The Visayas region is a top touristy destination and comprises of seven scenic islands bordered by the Visayan Sea: Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Masbate, Negros, Panay, and Samar.

How did Visayas get this name?
Interestingly, according to some historical accounts, Visayas got its name from the ancient Vijaya Empire that occupied the Panay Island of the Visayas in 9th Century AD. The Vijaya Empire was mainly composed of migrants from Malay Peninsula and the current day locals of Visayas are regarded as descendants of these migrants.

The Visayan People can speak English
The good thing to feel happy about is the locals can speak and understand English, so taking a vacation in the Visayas region must be easy for English speaking tourists from the USA and UK. Albeit the language spoken in the entire Visayas region is almost same at the macro level, you can find three dialects in the region: llonggo language in Western Visayas, Cebuano in Central Visayas and Waray in Eastern Visayas.

Main Visayas Tourist Spots:
·         Bohol- This is a beautiful island destination with remarkable beaches and natural scenery. The must-visit places are the beautiful Alona Beach, the iconic Chocolate Hills of Bohol-a group of lush green hills which turn into chocolate brown color during the dry season due to the drying up of the grass, and the Tarsier Conservation Park to spot the smallest primate in the world-Filipino Tarsier

·         Cebu City-This is the Philippine’s oldest city and is worth visiting for its highly popular attractions like Fort San Pedro- a Spanish Colonial Building and Colon Street- a bustling street (named after Christopher Columbus)  dotted with many restaurants, shoe stores, hardware stores and watch repair stores
·         Mactan Island-This is an island off the Cebu City and is popular for housing the guitar-manufacturing industry. A factory visit to one of the manufacturing units in the island can help you get a good insight about how the expert craftsmen make these most loved musical instruments

·         Boracay- This has been voted as the best Filipino island of 2017 and is indeed a paradise for beach bums who like to enjoy the scenic beauty of Borocay’s rich coastline

·         Negros Occidental- This is a tiny island province of the Philippines, known as the ‘sugar capital’ of the country, as a lot of sugar is produced from this region. The island is perfect for indulging in water sports at Sipalay Beach and sightseeing some ancient ruins and the majestic Casaroro Falls

How do I get to Central Visayas?
Having read our travel guide to Visayas, we thought it’s about time you planned a vacation in this most attractive region. Manila, the capital city of Philippines can be a good jump-off point for exploring the Visayas region. From Manila tourists can fly to Cebu City as it is conveniently located in Central Visayas. When flying into the Central Visayas, you will be landing at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Cebu City. The best time to visit Visayas is during Nov-Mar due to the balmy weather. Have your cheap flights to Manila booked right away with iEagle[S1] .com for huge savings on airfares.

Meta Description: Visayas is one of the prodigious attractions to visit in the Philippines. Do you wish to explore this beautiful place? Here is our travel guide to the visayas.


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