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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

7 Tips on Word Of Mouth Marketing

7 Tips on Word Of Mouth Marketing

Before you start, what is Word Of Mouth Marketing? It is, in broad strokes, of the recommendations that consumers make among themselves regarding a service or product. These recommendations propagate exponentially and influence, practically, all daily purchasing decisions.

It is one of the oldest allies of marketing, although with the unstoppable power of social networks, "word-of-mouth marketing" has acquired a new dimension.

As stated by Goerge Silverman, Harvard psychologist and pioneer of Word Of Mouth Marketing, "a happy and satisfied customer has the power to influence countless skeptics." So the ultimate goal of this strategy is to become a brand loved by its consumers, and become a "love mark ". 

This term was invented by Kevin Roberts, who says that "The company attracts the consumer through the senses and manages to maintain a loyal and stable relationship because it can introduce emotion in the way of relating. This love for the brand makes consumers incorporate feelings." 

Get your consumers to talk about you, recommend you, and become brand ambassadors.

This marketing strategy becomes more important thanks to the "Report on the status of Influence Marketing" in which 85% of respondents rate it as "very useful" or "useful" to have implemented Word of Mouth strategies Marketing and Brand advocates.

According to The State of Word Of Mouth Marketing Survey the WOMMA, a survey of people from the WOMM sector has numerous benefits for companies, such as:

  • It is an important trigger for the purchase decision, so much that it generates five times more sales than paid advertising
  • 65% of respondents believe that WOM marketing and social media marketing is more effective than traditional marketing.
  • Influence 13% of sales

The benefits of this marketing strategy are clear, although to achieve the desired results, the campaign must meet some requirements. It must be credible, social, measurable, and must be able to be repeated.

Write down these 7 tips:

  • Thank your customers for their good words and have details with them
  • Create a community that promotes commitment
  • Request comments and take into account the complaints of your customers
  • Create a strong customer service platform
  • Learn from your mistakes and take the opportunity to improve
  • It has the influencers collaboration
  • Do not pay those consumers who speak well of you, since the whole campaign would lose its credibility

Get your consumers fall in love and create a powerful network campaign that gives you visibility; your customers will talk about the benefits of your products, and the rest of the users of social networks will echo these recommendations.
 Whether recommendations for the new laptop or the craftsman - people have always recommended services and products to others that have proven their worth. Word of mouth marketing (WoM) refers to the recommendation of services, products, and companies by consumers to other end customers. 

But here too, digitalization has found its way - what role word of mouth plays for companies today and how they can specifically benefit from it.

How companies can influence word of mouth

There are some ways for companies to actively participate in communication about their products and services. For example, via rating campaigns on social media channels, with which customers are rewarded for their ratings with special offers, or via marketing videos, with which companies want to raise their profile or improve their image. 

In the best-case scenario, marketing campaigns are quickly disseminated on the Internet, and the company attracts attention in the online channels. On the one hand, the opportunities that online services and social networks offer to companies lie in their wide reach, since nine out of ten Internet users now use social networks.
On the other hand, it also has relatively low usage costs. 

Companies benefit from significant advantages in terms of speed and multiplication. "Influencers" also play an increasingly important role in marketing strategies. They already have a strong presence in social networks such as Instagram or their blogs and can use them to convey company messages - for example, in the form of product placements - to their audience.

A major advantage of digital recommendation marketing for companies is that they can offer their customers new communication channels: Customers often come up with suggestions for improvement and constructive evaluations can provide companies with important information on whether they need to improve their services or products further. The social networks also offer them the opportunity to react to critical situations: An appropriate opinion on criticism can avoid rocking up negative messages.

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