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Thursday, 13 February 2020

5 Fabulous Places to Visit in Kochi

5 Fabulous Places to Visit in Kochi

Kochi, also known as “Queen of Arabia” is a port city in the southern state of Kerala,located on India’s south-west coast along the Laccadive Sea.  The bustling city in Kerala, India has plenty of attractions for the tourists. Our blog post will focus on the bucket-list of the best places to visit in Kochi.

What is Kochi famous for?
Kochi, erstwhile Cochin is best-known internationally for its remarkable beaches, Marine Drive promenade facing the Kochi backwaters, cantilever Chinese nets, a small Jewish town, wonderful museums, and the quaint tiny village of Fort Kochi.

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Is Ernakulam same as Kochi?

Kochi is popularly referred to as Ernakulam by the locals and you mustn’t be confused about it as both the names are used interchangeably. Kochi is the city area and Ernakulam is the mainland region of Kochi.

Bucket-list of best places to visit in Kochi

1.       Backwaters of Kochi
The alluring backwaters of Kochi are perfect examples of the scenic beauty of nature in Kerala, set against the backdrop of beautiful lush green landscapes.

The best Cochin backwaters include those of Alleppey and Kollam. Taking a houseboat river cruise in Cochin backwaters is a must-do for a one-of-a-kind Kochi experience.

2.       Fort Kochi
Fort Kochi is a small fishing village that is renowned for its architectural buildings built by the early European settlers including Dutch, Portuguese and the British.

The tiny seaside village is one of the most-visited attractions of Kochi, especially western tourists who like to explore the old British colonial style buildings and the Dutch cottages scattered across the village. Watching the beautiful sunset at Fort Kochi Beach is unmissable during a tour of Kochi.

3.       Marine Drive
Marine Drive is a popular walkway or promenade of Kochi overlooking the Cochin backwaters. A stroll on this picturesque promenade along with your sweetheart during the night is what we recommend for spending romantic moments.

The side attractions of the promenade include shopping malls and eateries selling finger-licking food from the popular Kerala cuisine.

4.       Chinese Fishing Nets
The use of Chinese fishing nets for fishing makes Kochi a special place in India because you hardly find them in any other Indian city. Chinese nets have their origins from China and are introduced in Kochi by the early Chinese visitor Zheng He.

Chinese nets, popularly known as “cheena wala” are essentially fixed-point lift nets that operate from the shores using mechanical devices with horizontal nets measuring 20 meters or more suspended over the sea using a cantilever. Watching the Chinese nets in Kochi can add to your overall Kochi Experience and is a must-do.

5.       Jew Town near Fort Kochi
Another fascinating thing about Kochi is it is home to Jewish Synagogues, cemeteries and descendants of early Jewish settlers.

Jew Town, a narrow street market where you can find some rare Jewish antiques to buy as souvenirs to gift them to your friends is one of the best places to visit in Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. Take a Jewish heritage walking tour in Fort Kochi and Mattancherry to explore the ancient relics and religious sites of the Jews.

Best time to visit Kochi
Kochi can be best enjoyed during the winter season (October to March) when the weather is at its best but the only catch is this is the peak season for tourism in Kochi and so airfares and hotel room rates are going to be the most expensive. Travelling in June during the start of the monsoon season may be perfect for enjoying the backwaters of Kochi. 

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