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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

3 Tools to Create Incredible Infographics in Minutes

One way to convey a large amount of information to others is to create an infographic, which is basically a visual representation of a group of data. Because they are composed of images, it is easier to observe all the information at first glance. In business, they are commonly used to share information gathered from a study or research, although we actually have many other ways to make it.

You can use an infographic to compare products, create charts for sales, or simply entertain your customers. It could also be helpful to show your workflow, your financial data, or even explain programs to your employees. The limit is your imagination.

But if you do not have graphic skills, do not worry.Generating infographics with one of these tools below does not involve much work, and you do not have to pay much money.

Here I’m going to share three programs that can help anyone create an infographic, free, or at a little cost. Let’s see them one by one.

1. DesignCap Infographic Maker

3 Tools to Create Incredible Infographics in Minutes

This simple, intuitive, and complete service can help you create quality designs quickly. Do not think that it will turn you into a graphic designer overnight, but it will let you reach a series of tools that will guide you in the creative process. In addition to being free, it can be used on any browser from any device. 

What I love most in DesignCap is its numerous art resources such as the millions of stock photos, the many preset text styles, a list of modules i different categories, the millions of icons, etc. As a user, I can have access to thousands of preset templates for many other topics like YouTube channel art, Facebook cover, flyer, poster, report, presentation, of course, infographic, etc.And if you like, you can upload your life photos from the computer and use it in the design.

It’s flexible to use the tools to change the element’s color, position, size to make them a great looking. You can also customize the text with the collection of fonts, styles, sizes, and colors. The finished infographic can be uploaded and shared anywhere with a URL link produced by DesignCap.

2. Infogram

3 Tools to Create Incredible Infographics in Minutes

Infogram allows you to quickly and effectively create infographics, charts, and maps (although for these, it is necessary, in most cases, to upgrade the account).

With this application, inexperienced users can easily create online infographics without installing additional software. Infogram is especially practical for those less accustomed to managing graphics editing programs, allowing them to become familiar with the program quickly. Once the free registration is finished, the user accesses a simple interface with very straightforward navigation. The menus along side allow you to create infographics from scratch or from a series of templates. Subsequently, it is possible to directly add content such as text, diagrams (circle, dots, bars, icons, etc.), maps, images, or videos. Once you finish it, you can share it through social networks.

3. Piktochart

3 Tools to Create Incredible Infographics in Minutes

Just like the two infographic makers I mentioned above, the Piktochart website offers many customizable templates, from which you can create your infographic easily as well. It also provides the possibility of including interactive maps and graphics using Excel documents. If you are interested in using it, you can create a free standard account and start right now.

Final words

Infographics are usually an interesting resource for visual marketing to complement and illustrate presentations and articles or a blog. But it’s not easy to make one if you don’t have any knowledge of other design tools like PhotoShop. It is why I write this article.

Wish these tools will help you made it easy to create infographics easily for your social platforms or website contents. Try to check them out and start making a very incredible infographic to enrich your online content now.

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