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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

A Complete Guide to Choose Reliable SSL Certificate Provider

A Complete Guide to Choose Reliable SSL Certificate Provider

With the advancement in technology, earning money becomes easier than ever before. Now, in 2020, anyone can start its blog, do affiliate marketing or even setup an e-store within the minimum investment. Out of so many website builders, you can select anyone and get started with building your site even when your non-tech savvy. But often, selecting a web host seems to be a difficult task when you need to make your site online.

Out of so many hosting providers, you can select the most reliable one within a single click. Web hosting becomes the prior choice for the beginners as it cost cheaper than dedicated server hosting. But this isn’t the main hurdle. The big problem is the SSL certification of your site that helps you with your SEO and protects your site against third-party access. But finding a cheap and reliable SSL certificate provider isn’t that much easy without proper knowledge.
Therefore, this blog comes up with the complete solution to help you choose a reliable SSL certificate provider within your budget.

Basics of SSL Certificate

Majority of the beginners don’t know how the SSL certificate works, so let’s first discuss a bit about SSL certificate. SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer which connects a computer to a server that is secure and protected by third-party integration. The SSL certificate is used to transfer credit cards, master cards and other transactions and banking details over to another server.
Currently, Google also updated its policy regarding SSL and the sites with SSL will be preferred more than the sites without SSL. This helps you to rank your site on google more easily.

Important Factors to Consider

Picking a certificate authority seems too easy but fills with complications. It’s not just like typing how to obtain an SSL certificate on google and get it for free. Of course, free things look perfect when you have a minimum budget, but to choose a reliable certificate provider you must need to think about the reliability of an SSL provider. Let’s take a look at the most important factors that need to be considered while going with an SSL certificate provider.

1.   Check for EV SSL Certificate

When it comes to choosing the reliable SSL certificate provider it is essential to know whether the provider itself hasan EV SSL certificate or not. SSL market is filled with numerous SSL security companies that fly-by-night and even aren’t authenticated and approved for extended validation (EV) SSL themselves from a third-party certificate authority.
Checking for EV SSL certificate of any service provider is easy. You just need to search for the green browser address bar that displaying their own EV certificate.

2.   Look for Dedicated Phone Support

Whenever you are dealing with web servers and IT service providers it is inevitable at some point you suffer from any technical issues no matter how exceptional the services are. Therefore, to choose a reliable SSL certificate provider it is important to look for dedicated phone support that could help you with your questions and provide the solutions.

3.   Go with The Company That focus Only On SSL

Often many companies offer various more services along with SSL. This could be a disaster as their focus will be divided into different services. Therefore, it is important to choose the SSL provider that focuses only on the SSL certificate.

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