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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Most Trending Corporate Gifts That You Can Give Your Employees & Customers in 2020

Most Trending Corporate Gifts That You Can Give Your Employees & Customers in 2020
Staying in line with the latest trends in corporate gifts is just as important for your organization as keeping current in the developing business trends. Both of these factors allow you to:

·         Keep from getting outdated –Even if your services, products, or giveaways bring value to your clients and customers, a rejuvenated look or style can uplift the feeling of being modern and fresh.

·         Find common grounds for growth – A new corporate product or giveaway can help you communicate and interact with your new clients and customers.

·         Show your expertise – Understanding what is up-and-coming in the business and promotional products helps customers trust your ideas when it comes to choosing the right products for the industry.

In addition to that, many upcoming and existing products like custom headwear/caps, T-shirts, pens, etc. and more will spice things up for promotional items and industries in 2020.

Reusable straws will be a major hit
In the last few years, the demand for reusable straws as promotional items and as a general has increased, thanks to companies like Starbucks and cities like Seattle rejecting the idea of using the plastic version. Due to their increasing popularity in the market, many reusable straw manufacturing companies attracted customers and generated a large chunk of profits.

Along the lines, these reusable straws can show that your organization cherishes the environment and that the research has indicated that almost 90 percent of the customers will be more loyal to the company that highlights and raises awareness for environmental issues.

Reusable straws are also a trendy promotional product for multiple reasons:
·         They are convenient and can be carried anywhere easily.

·         Since they are the talk of the town, all the major food chains, companies, and industries are using and gifting them as corporate gifts.

Technology is widespread
Internet-connected devices are so much common that nearly 95% of the household in the United States own at least one computer, smartphone, tablet, or a streaming device. And almost 1 in 6 households have 10 of them.

As the world continues to advance technologically, promotional products will give a touch of flair and power to your brand!

The usage of webcam continues to flourish
With nearly half of the employees working remotely once or twice a week, webcams are convenient to call up a staff member for the meeting. Due to this trend, the usage of webcam has increased for business and personal use.

However, with the rise of webcam use comes the challenge of safety on the internet. The founder of the most popular social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and former FBI director James Comey are among those rigorously monitoring the significance of covering webcams.

Stainless steel drinkware is more popular than you think
Some of the most renowned promotional items are truly evergreen and get the job done efficiently. They are hard-wearing, long-lasting, and never go out of style. Year in and year out, drinkware remains the heart and talk-of-the-town for promotional products for major companies around the world.

Popular among all age groups, it has been estimated that almost 85 percent of Baby Boomers own at least one piece of promotional drinkware, and 71 percent of Gen Xers suggest that they will do business with a company that offers them drinkware. Among the most notable styles are the ones made from stainless steel.
Due to the large availability of a wide range of promotional drinkware available in the market, you can completely customize your drinkware the way you want. Choose the drinkware that resonates with your brand, is trending, and carries attention among the customers you are planning to reach.

Co-branding has its own benefits
Big brands are famous for their alterations and innovations in bags, apparel, and drinkware. People choose these brands for the style, quality, and functionality that these products offer. You can, too, follow a similar strategy by co-branding with famous products. There are two of doing it:

·         Reinforce your brand – By adding the name of your business to an already famous product, you are likely to improve the impressions and market availability for your brand.

·         A sign of value – Partnering up with a famous brand known for its high-quality products shows that you genuinely care about the products and services you share with your audience.

Promotional products never go out of style
Staying alert and up-to-date in every aspect of the business, from product alteration to market changes to promotional items, ensures that your organization takes complete benefit of your customer’s changing demands and tastes. As you create your business plan for 2020, these stylish promotional products will help you capture the attention of your customers for a long time.

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