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Friday, 27 December 2019

5 Websites for Making Free Extreme Intro Videos Online

5 Websitesfor Making Free Extreme Intro Videos Online

The free online intro maker websitesprovide an easy and quick way that helpsbloggers, filmmakers, YouTubers,and more to produce unique and complete intro videos, no advanced skills required. So today, many units and individuals, even companies and businesses have come to these websites to create videos for themselves, saving time than downloading and learning software on computers.

If you work in the field and need to make intro videos introducing your company/product/service quickly and easily, the following list of free online video intro websites will definitely be of great help to you!

When it comes to websites that make intro videos standard and effective, it's impossible not to mention FlexClip. Just log in via Facebook or Google account, you can use all the features provided on this site. FlexClip also offers dozens of free templates, and you just need to edit the necessary information to be able to customize your own intro video.
FlexClip will help you create intro videos promoting brand, products,and services effectively and vividly.
You can see how to create videos online with FlexClip through the following video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGZtJwYUJUU.


Flixpress.com has been one of the most prominent and popular online video intro websites for many years. Flixpress supports users to produce advanced intro videos in just a few minutes on the computer. Whether you love simplicity or complexity, Flixpress can meet your requirements.

Flixpress also offers many video templates for Facebook ads for those who want to create intro videos on their social networking channels.

Flixpress supports many free templates for users with a rich content library. You can customize the layout, text, audio, runtime, color, and create videos at breakneck speeds in just a few minutes. FlixPress is also considered by many users to be easy to use, highly effective, very suitable for businesses and units wishing to do an intro to introduce their companies and products.


Powtoon.com is also a website that helps you create online intro videos very quickly by simply dragging and dropping available tools. This software provides you with free optional intro templates and premium professional templates. These available intros are a great support in telling a story of the business, introducing the company, products, services, etc.

Using Powtoon will help you reduce the cost of buying expensive software. In particular, you do not need to install any other tools when using Powtoon.

Intro Cave

Coming to Intro Cave, you will be provided with thousands of unique intro samples, serving all purposes and fields, and especially having unique, professional effects. You just need to choose your favorite intro template and edit it according to your information, then download and use it.

Intro Cave provides intro samples in areas such as beauty, health, company introduction, sports,and so on.

However, you need to register an account to use the features on this site, and there are some intro templates that require you to pay if you want to download.


Ivipid is an online application that allows users to create vivid videos from images, clips, and content according to their own desires.

This online video intro generator has ten of various themes you can choose from. They are great for independent usage, as a home video intro, identify your online video channel, or even business presentation.

Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the type of intro as you like.

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