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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

How to Use DesignCap to Create infographic Online

How to Use DesignCap to Create Infoarphic Online
"A picture is worth a thousand words," we have been told hundreds of times. Great truth. Graphics, drawings and photos (and therefore all graphic design) reach our brain more quickly and directly to capture our attention, transmitting ideas more concretely and effectively. Do not you believe it?

Furthermore, on the Internet, the image is the king. That is why the infographic has become popular on platforms such as Pinterest. Sharing beautiful visual content on popular platforms would drive more traffic to your ends and help you achieve your marketing platform.

Thanks to massive graphic design tools that have been developed, those who have no designing skills and not installing any designing program could create visual images online. DesignCap is an excellent option to design an infographic, much more straightforward than other design programs such as Illustrator. It is also a free web service that offers different infographic templates to manage our information in the best possible way.

This post will take DesignCap as an example to show you how does this kind of tools work. Let’s check out how to make infographics with DesignCap.

Four simple steps to make a well-organized infographic.

How to Use DesignCap to Create Infoarphic Online


Fist to have your DesignCap account

To start, you should land on the DesignCap website and register, using a Google or Facebook account, or with your Email ID.        

Secondly, choose a template

Once you click "Get Started Now," you would see the most popular template dimensions from Facebook post to posters. Then you can choose the Infographic category to start your creating. Redirected to the editing page, you would see a blank canvas, so here you can select a premade template to quicker your designing.    

Thirdly, customize the template

As you have chosen your template, then it is time to tailor it to include all the information you need.

You can modify the typography, size, color or background of all the fonts of the template from the menu upon the canvas. Obviously, you will have to edit the content of the sample texts to add the information you want to convey.

If you want to move elements or directly remove them, just select them. The template includes some guides that will help you put everything in its place to respect the balance of the rest of the infographic. If you want to delete any of the modules, then you can select a certain element to do it.

Last but bot least, export your infographic

How to Use DesignCap to Create Infoarphic Online

 Once the design is finished, you will have three options:

Share it directly on your social networks. The best of best, if you want to let your friends join your infographics editing, then you set it to be public& edit to allow then designing projects.

Also, you can save your projects to DesignCap cloud storage, which allows you to redesign in the future.

The last option is Going to the "Download" tab, next to the previous one. With the free plan of DesignCap, you can only download your infographic in JPG format and you will not have access to the highest resolution one, but for starters, this is more than enough.


In conclusion

Now that you got how to make infographics with online easy-to-use. And how do you think about DesignCap? Also, If you have any good recommendations, kindly share yours.                                                                 

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