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Friday, 18 October 2019

What is Social Wall and Why Is It So Useful

What is Social Wall and Why Is It So Useful
Social Media is one of the most hyperactive aspects of the internet. It has a lot of scopes to be used as a marketing tool for any brand or business. The massive user count of social media makes it the fastest and easiest way to reach such a large audience. It can be used to take your business to the next level. The problem that arises is how to use social media for your business or brand. Every brand already has social media handles that help them to increase their social presence but what else? Here comes in Social Walls.

What are Social Walls?

Social Walls are display walls that work with the help of social media aggregators. These social media aggregators fetch content from all your social media platforms and cumulate them in a unified presentation. This content is collected on the basis of particular hashtags, accounts or tags that people mention in their posts. Event Social Wall can then be shared at many places like events, seminars or can be embedded on your website as well.

Why are Social Walls so useful?

Social Walls being the hub of all your social media posts can work wonders for your business. As a business or brand, you have a lot of responsibilities to fulfil, but the most important is to engage your customers with your brand. This is the perfect marketing solution to help you with more user engagement.

Some of the major benefits are mentioned below:

    As I mentioned, it is the best way for user engagement. It allows users to be a part of the brand. When a user posts something with the brand hashtag or account, their post can be seen in the brand’s social wall that is accessible to them. This way they feel like a member of the brand.

    This belongingness that they feel for the brand creates more loyal users. These loyal users can be really helpful to promote your brand and producing user-generated content for your brand. They may also opt for mouth publicity and help you gain more loyal customers for your brand or business.

    Social Wall helps you heighten your brand trust. If your social wall consists of both positive and negative posts, users will realize that you’re not hiding anything from them. These posts will showcase your transparency with the masses. This way they will start to trust your brand more.

    It gives you scope for improvement. While people will also be posting negative comments and posts, you will know the areas your brand or business needs work. This will also let you know the aspects of the business or brand that your consumers value the most. You can then work towards improving the user experience for your consumers and maybe add something new as well.

    A social wall can also be an exciting zone in your events. You can easily build a social wall display in your events that will definitely be something distinctive for the attendees. The attendees will be able to post and see their real-time pictures through the social wall. Their desire to be seen by the masses will also be fulfilled.

    This wall can also help your event to trend on social media. If you’re hosting a large event, the huge mass posting with your hashtags and account can help with it. This will let more people know about your event which can be extremely beneficial if you host events regularly.

    Social Walls also gives you an opportunity to make announcements or host polls on your website or your event to make it more interactive. This can be a new and interesting way to convey an important message to your users. People want something new every day and this is the way.

    All of the above mentioned combined can help you increase your brand value and brand presence around the globe. Social Wall gives you that chance to prioritize your users. When the consumers and users will realize that you’re actually working for them, they will definitely value your brand over others.


All I would want to say is that Social Wall is an amazing marketing solution for your brand. It can help you with your business. This way you will be able to do everything a consumer wants a brand or event to do i.e. prioritize them. So if one tool can help you with your retail space as well as your event space, you definitely need to incorporate it into your marketing tactics. It will help you be a consumer’s brand and that is what every brand dreams of. This is just a step forward.

If you’re worried about the hardwork it might take to manage this social wall, stop worrying because it does not need much of your extra effort. You can easily manage it by giving it a little time every day.

You’ve got so many reasons to go ahead and integrate a social wall with your business and I don’t think any of these might not be useful. So go ahead and start working towards a better social media presence and being the consumer’s brand.

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