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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Top 5 Tips of Wedding Proposal to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Top 5 Tips of Wedding Proposal to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

If you’ve been making memories with your girlfriend for years and finally came up with the thought of tying the knot, then you better not take the planning process hastily. 

As you prepare for the marriage proposal, make sure to pay attention to such necessary matters primarily the timing, location, the engagement ring [of course], the mood, and more. 

When putting up the puzzles together for your most-awaited marriage proposal, you’ll normally feel like your heart is pounding and is about to explode due to the mixed emotions you’re feeling - excitement, nervousness, thrill, and so on. 

But to make the marriage proposal preparation easier and simpler for you, this article chooses to jot down the following details you might want to get your focus into. 

So, if you want to start planning for one of the most memorable days for you and your girlfriend, you better not turn your back to the pages and finish reading instead! 
  1. Select the perfect time and location to blurt out the question

Top 5 Tips of Wedding Proposal to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Once you made the sweetest decision to finally propose to your girlfriend, one of the primary things you would want to consider during the preparation is choosing the perfect time and place to pop the life-changing question. 

If deciding the best location seems to be a juggling act to you, you can take time and recall all your happy moments together and where it all took place. 

Through that, you can pick the most memorable locations and list them as your choices. Once you get them recorded in one sheet, it’s now time for you to decide where the final venue would be. 

And when selecting for the perfect time or date of the marriage proposal, you would want to test the water first. 

That means to feel the mood or the atmosphere between you and your girlfriend. It’s because if you’ll be proposing while you’re in the middle of a cold war, then don’t be surprised if you wouldn’t get a “Yes”.  

Another thing is to check the weather first or being up-to-date with the weather forecast. Through that, you can select the day when the sun will show up for you and your girl while having the sweetest upgrade of your relationship. 
  1. Don’t hesitate to call for help

Thinking of proposing to your only girl could be the best feeling in the world but could also give you chills down your spine. 

Well, if planning by yourself seems to be a little challenge for you, never think twice of crying for help. 

Asking for help or slight assistance from the experts or even from your friends or family is definitely fine - remember, you need to make her say “Yes” to you, okay?

Come to think of it, if you’ll be using more than one brain in the planning process, there’s a big tendency to come up with a better outcome or have better ideas. 

You can also hire event coordinators and tell them what your ideal marriage proposal is and then they’ll be the one to make your thoughts come to life. 

What do you think? Isn’t that amazing? 
  1. Do it when she least expected

Top 5 Tips of Wedding Proposal to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

If you want to make your marriage proposal a little more of a surprise, then you better kneel when she least expected it. 

You could plan on proposing in a public place, on a certain family gathering, on your friend’s wedding, proposing in the middle of your anniversary celebration would also do, or kneeling in front of her in the middle of a romantic concert of your favourite singer or band. 

You know, it’s best to pop the question when she’s preoccupied with the cheerful atmosphere or absolutely focused onto something before you get her fullest attention.

The more you plan to make it more surprising, the more romantic it will totally get! And one thing’s for sure you’ll get her sweetest “Yes!”. 

So, you better start brainstorming now of what could be the sweetest and most romantic trick you could do to make your marriage proposal super extra special! 
  1. Get her the most ideal diamond engagement ring

One thing that will probably get her attention as you confess your one true love to your girl is definitely the ring which you’ll be presenting as you kneel on your knee.  

But behold, because finding, shopping, and purchasing the best ring for your queen is harder than you thought it could be. 

First, you have to have a good amount of money, then have ample time finding and shopping for the ring, you must also get to know her ring size [definitely!], know her style or taste on jewellery, and get the perfect design to absolutely impress her. 

Most of the ladies dream of having a diamond engagement ring, so, if you think you can get her that, then do it. 

It’s because a diamond engagement ring is a great symbol of sincere and everlasting love. It depicts the time and effort seen on how it’s crafted beautifully. 

So, what do you do now? Start shopping for that lovely diamond engagement ring! 
  1. Make everything extremely romantic

The romantic vibe is understandably uneasy to achieve especially when it’s a serious event such as a wedding proposal. 

It’s because no matter how long you’ve been dating with your girlfriend, there’s a possibility that you still have no idea what’s “romantic” to her.   

With that, you really need to do a lot of research and help from the experts. You may also ask her family and closest friends about what interests her the most. 

Also, you can pick the best and most-touching love song [or your theme song if there is such] and play it the entire time of the proposal.
So, what else can you do? Of course, always look deep into her eyes, make a special and electrifying connection with her, holding her on her waist, kill her with your heart-stopping and romantic smile. 

Top 5 Tips of Wedding Proposal to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Final thoughts:

Now that you’re armed with these ideas, don’t wait for the sun to show up and start planning for your marriage proposal right away! 

If you're successfully married man, why not share your wedding proposal tips with our readers? We would totally love that! 


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