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Friday, 11 October 2019

The Importance of Health Screenings for Women

The Importance of Health Screenings for Women

Health screenings are important for women. Experts advise that women ages 18 and up must have regular visits to their health care provider to undergo tests. Here is a short guide to the importance of regular health examinations for women.

Why undergo screenings?

According to Medicine Plus, undergoing screenings on a regular basis help:

·         detect medical problems;
·         check for medical concerns that may arise in the future;
·         update vaccinations; and
·         promote healthier living

Many people share the misconception that there is no need for a visit to the doctor if everything feels fine. This is one of the reasons many people find out about life-threatening conditions way too late. Health screenings are very important for they help you know what’s happening to your body and where it could lead. For instance, the only way to see if you have high blood pressure is to have it monitored religiously. Take note that serious conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood sugar do not show signs and symptoms on the onset. To check for these conditions, all you need to have is a simple blood test.

Health Screenings and Prevention

Regular checkups can help detect issues that can later on take a toll on the overall health of a woman. For example, screenings can examine if there are problems with your bone mineral density. These problems can take in the form of osteoporosis, heart disease, or even cancer.

While these are serious conditions, it is important to realize that they can be treated successfully in their early stage of development. This means early diagnosis of such conditions through regular screenings brings you in a better position to be treated.

Health examinations help detect abnormalities in the body even before symptoms start to appear. The type of health screening a woman needs to undergo depends on several factors. These factors include age, lifestyle, risk factors, and personal and family health history.

Certain screening packages are recommended for every woman, but a different set of examinations may be recommended based on a woman’s risk factors. Medifast Hong Kong suggests finding health screening providers that offer a wide range of examinations to test every aspect of their health.

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