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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Create A Logo Easily For Your Brand Or Business

Create A Logo Easily For Your Brand Or Business

You have just launched your brand or website and you want to create a logo, but you do not know what to do. In this article, I will present a site that will allow you to create your logo without knowing in graphics or design. DesignEvo is one of the best sites for creating logos. The site also offers more advanced options that will require payment.

The advantage of this site is that you do not need specialized knowledge to create your logo; a few minutes will be enough to get a professional result quickly. In this article, I will review the possibilities offered by DesignEvo .

The creation of logos with DesignEvo
To begin, I invite you to visit the DesignEvo website by clicking on the button below. Once on the site, you can directly click on "Make a Free Logo" to start. I said that you do not need to register to start creating a free logo.

Choose a model
You will then be able to choose a template to create your logo among several categories, or by typing a few keywords in the search bar, preferably in English. You will find more than 10000 professional logo templates on the site. Once you have chosen the starting template, you can click on it, and the site will ask you to enter the name of your logo and the slogan if you want to add one.

Create A Logo Easily For Your Brand Or Business

Modify the icon, the text and the shape of the logo
This part is the one on which you will probably spend the most time. You will be able to choose the shape of your logo as well as the font used for the text. So you can start by selecting the font you want to use.

The site offers several. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of importing your own font. You will then be able to add different predefined shapes in your logo, and it is by adding shapes that you will be able to create your logo. You'll be able to change the size, orientation, and color of each of these shapes to compose your final logo.

On this part, you will have to be creative and take the time to test several things to see what suits you best.  Finally, you will have the opportunity to change the background color or leave it in transparent.

Create A Logo Easily For Your Brand Or Business

Preview button
At any time, you can see what your logo gives on business cards, a website, a T-shirt, etc. Whenever you make a change to your logo,click the preview button in the top banner of the site next to the save button to get the result on different media. This allows you to preview the final result of your logo.

Create A Logo Easily For Your Brand Or Business

Download logo
Once completed, all you have to do is download or save the logo you just created. If you want to save the logo for later, just click on the save button. Obviously, to be able to keep them you will have to create a DesignEvo account . To download, you will need to click on the download button. On this page, you will have several possibilities.

You can download for free the logo you just created with some limitations. The free logos will be files of a maximum 500 by 500 pixels without a transparent bottom. Some credit requests will be requested, such as sharing the site on your social networks or copy and paste the code on your website to use the logo.

In reality, sharing on social networks is not required, you can click on the download button without sharing it will work too, rather cool if you do not have a social network.

If you wish to have more options, you can opt for the paid versions. There are 2 proposed rates at $ 24.99 and $ 49. 99. With these paid versions, you will not need to credit the site, you will get a low-resolution version in JPG and PNG of your logo, a high resolution version of 5000 pixels in JPG and PNG , a version with transparent background, the ability to republish your logo and a version of the logos designed for printing.

All of these options will be available for $ 24.99. If in addition to that you want to get the vector files of your logo in PDF and SVG as well as downloading the fonts used for your logo, you will have to choose the option at $ 49.99. I also specify that the tariff concerns only a logo, if you wish to create a new logo, you will have to pay it too.

Create A Logo Easily For Your Brand Or Business

There is a trick if you paid your first logo as I said above, you have the opportunity to republish this logo as many times as you want. So you can decide to republish this logo and modify it completely to create a new one that you can download for freebecause technically, it is not a new logo, but a logo that you have already bought and want to change. 

To conclude, I would say that this site is excellent for all people having no skill in the design and creation of logos. The interface is clear and very easy to use; anyone can quickly create their own logo. You can get a free low-resolution version of your logo and get a real version that you can exploit as you wish in a lot of situations for only $ 29.99.

The value is excellent, and the quality of the logos is excellent if you have taken the time to apply. The only flaw I can find is that it is not possible to import its own image or font files.

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