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Friday, 18 October 2019

Buying a New Home or Rented House?

We all know how buying a new house is very critical work in today’s world. It is everyone’s dream to buy own house, in this article we have identified some important factors while finalising the dream house for yourself.

Which option should one choose, buying a new home or rented house?

Distance: Traffic on roads are increasing very fast, we all prefers to stay in the vicinity of offices, schools, hospitals, markets, railway stations, etc.

Quality: Quality of lifestyle in case you live in any society is very critical to measure. Good environs, amiable neighbourhood, can share the prime space with top factor.

Availability: The ease in availability of basic necessities of life, plays the critical part in decision to buy a house. The accessibility to nearest market, park, & commercial areas are crucial factor for purchase decision.

One can think that staying in a rental house can costs less compared to buying a home whereas some other people can say that owning a house can give freedom. Buying a new home can be the dream of many but the sky-rocketing real estate prices can lead people to choose renting a house on their own comfort, rather than buying. It is best to look for the option that fits the budget. If you think certain about any city and have the necessary funds for the down payments then it is advisable to think about buying a home.

Which option should one choose, buying a new home or rented house?

Buying a new home can provide a sense of security and pride. Buying a home of your own will not let someone to face rental issues like rent increment on yearly basis. Threats of emptying the house without any notice etc. If you buy a house than it will allow enjoying freedom that is very difficult in a rented house. The interference with others is less in case you live in your own house. Buying a house with a loan gives you an idea about the EMI required to be paid over the long term.

By renting a house you’re not supposed to save the money as in terms of the monthly rent you will lose the resource or money. Similarly, if you invest in home EMI than over the period of time you will become the owner of the house & can live a peaceful life.

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Choosing a right house at right place will impact your lifestyle and the savings you want to accumulate over the period of years. There are several factors which affects your decision of buying or renting a house. The factors like interest rates, strata fees, rental price, down payment value, house or apartment improvements, and maintenance, selling and buying costs and your marginal tax rate are some crucial factors we need to consider. We always advice our prime customers to buy a home as an investment opportunity or a dream place to live.

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