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Thursday, 24 October 2019

5 Essential Items that Perfectly Give a Stylish Beach-look!

5 Essential Items that Perfectly Give a Stylish Beach-look!

Packing for your most-anticipated beach holiday is a lot more complicated than you could ever think of. 

‘Coz, one thing’s for sure, you’re not coming to the beach to play, but absolutely to have a blast and to slay! 

That’s why you surely want to have the finest sets of outfits to flaunt during your whole stay at the beach.   

But if you’re having a dilemma picking the best pieces of stuff to pack for your beach outing, or having a really hard time choosing from the world of choices you have in your wardrobe, then that must be something serious. 

Well, you better not worry now because this article got you rescued from drowning in your thoughts. 

Here, you’ll find the most helpful tips you badly need at this very moment. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come ride along with this article and rock on your beach-look with these 5 of the most essential items to have while enjoying your beach vacay! 

Item#1: One-piece swimwear

The first item on the list is the one-piece swimwear. You might suppose that “oh yeah, one-piece swimwear, so what?” 

Well, today, the beach fashion continues to level up and thank goodness you can still keep up with it using your old one-piece swimwear or your most-beloved one-piece custom swimwear

How? With the mighty help of the slowly becoming trend long and flowy coverups, you can now look more stunning when you top it on your one-piece swimwear. 

Not to mention the art of putting on a belt to add a strong taste of accent on your waist. 

Tip: If you don’t have a long flowy coverup, you can use oversized polos or oversized cropped tops instead!

5 Essential Items that Perfectly Give a Stylish Beach-look!

You can also slay that elegantly sexy beach-look and hit that OOTD photo by wearing your one-piece swimsuit with a long flowy beach skirt as your bottom. 

With this look, you can comfortably roam around the beach, take photos, and still kill that beach-look that surely everybody would love!

5 Essential Items that Perfectly Give a Stylish Beach-look!

Item #2: Beach accessories 

5 Essential Items that Perfectly Give a Stylish Beach-look!
Next on the list are your beach accessories - of course, these are definitely must-haves wherever you go! 

By having your beach accessories with you such as bangle bracelets, huge earrings, anklets, and even that cute rattan bags, you can effortlessly achieve that beach-look you’re longing to have! 

Aside from that, dressing and styling for your whole beach stay will definitely be a lot easier and simpler just by having the finest accessories on your body. 

Just channel your inner fashionista instinct and you’ll surely be ready to rock that best beach-look perfect for some Instagram shots! 

Item #3: Classic sunglasses

5 Essential Items that Perfectly Give a Stylish Beach-look!
Whether you’re having a beach vacay or not, this item surely is one of the things you can’t live without wherever you go - none other than the classic sunglasses. 

To get 100% of that beach vibe, you must not forget putting on your sunglasses! 

This item instantly gives a great impact on your overall look, especially when partnered with a bandana while you’re hair’s tied on a messy bun. 

And what’s more exciting about sunglasses is that they’re super convenient that you can bring two or three sunglasses on one beach holiday trip!

Item #4: Denim shorts

5 Essential Items that Perfectly Give a Stylish Beach-look!
Summer or not, denim shorts are a great option to level up your fashion.

And when hitting up the beach, denim shorts aren’t something you might want to forget. 

With this type of shorts, you can look effortlessly sexy not only in your beach photos but definitely in your whole stay on your beach vacay!

Some beach buffs even partner and make their denim shorts as a bottom to their beach swimwear. 

And for some, to add more touch and beach vibe, putting on beach belts is a plus factor to also emphasize their waistline. 

Item #5: Huge beach hat

5 Essential Items that Perfectly Give a Stylish Beach-look!
Last but of course, not the least item you might want to have is the huge beach hat. 

Seriously, you’ll never go wrong in having this item along with you on your entire beach vacay can save your beach-look like no other. 

It undeniably levels up your beach “OOTD” whether you’re wearing a beach dress, swimsuit, cropped top and shorts, name it, your beach hat can easily get along with it! 

So, before you go and heat up the beach, better check on your baggage if you have these essential items already packed inside. 

And once you made the most of your beach vacay and nailed it with your fiery-hot OOTDs, don’t forget to share your photos and thoughts with us! 


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