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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

5 Best Ways to Have an Amazing Vacation in Croatia

Long hailed across tabloids worldwide as the ultimate location for history escapades, island hopping, honeymoons, romantic explorations, and endless holidaying fun, few places on earth boast the same vacation appeal as Croatia. The Adriatic country continually wows visitors with its UNESCO-listed treasures, nostalgic Roman architecture, renowned seafood, unrivaled friendliness, and wondrous national parks, among many other things. If you are heading to Dalmatia this fall, you couldn’t have made a better choice. That said, here are five ways to realize an unforgettable vacation in a nation herald as the cradle of the Dalmatian (the polka dot, if you will) dog breed:

5 Best Ways to Have an Amazing Vacation in Croatia

1) Island hopping
One big problem with Croatia’s watery menu is that it presents a selection dilemma. With north of 1,200 islands to choose from, the country’s marine playground gives a new meaning to the phrase “spoilt for choice.” Factor in the expansive coastline that spans the better part of 3,500 miles, featuring delightful detours encompassing famous snorkeling spots, Dalmatian Ham, and exceptional Malvasia wine, and Croatia truly is the place to be for a proper sailing vacation. Speaking of which, you should also consider getting a yacht charter Croatia to best explore the adventures aboard a magnificent water taxi. There’s simply no better way to experience the beautiful, never-ending turquoise! 

5 Best Ways to Have an Amazing Vacation in Croatia

2) Relaxing on a sun-soaked beach
90% of an enjoyable holiday entails spending time on a lovely beach, kicking back with a cold refreshment as you watch the waves crashing against your feet under the stare of an immersive blue and white sky. You’ll be glad to hear that there are no shortages of places to do that in Croatia, there being upwards of 400 beaches in the country. Some of the famous ones include Lopud Island’s Šunj, Bacvice in Split, and the legendary cone-shaped Zlatni rat near Bol town.

5 Best Ways to Have an Amazing Vacation in Croatia

3) Spending time at a national park
Eight national parks call Croatia’s borders home, thanks to a diverse landscape, coupled with a warm climate, which has facilitated the sybaritic coexistence of various species of flora and fauna. You’re sure to appreciate the thunderous falls and the jaw-dropping lakes of Plitvice National Park, with Krka also offering more of the same in addition to fascinating birdlife and viridescent layouts rife with dramatic cliffs perfect for hikes, picnics, or simple nature walks. 

4) Touring the iconic walls of Dubrovnik
This well-preserved city is full of terracotta rooftops, and Venetian buildings tiptoeing into a cyan sea, offering the most panoramic views known to man, and has helped in the depiction of many ancient backdrops in the HBO-franchise Game of Thrones. That scenery is well on display from the Old Town’s pristine walls, which by the way can take you an entire two-hours to complete the loop, and the cable cars that give you a breathtaking view of how the bright colors clash wonderfully against the contrasting shades of the sea. For more stunning vantage points, be sure to make a stop at the Lovrijenac Fortress.

5) Sampling delicious Dalmatian cuisine
Croatia has become synonymous with fantastic seafood, and your holiday won’t be complete without sitting down to a nice meal. You could try the black risotto, strewn from a combination of cuttlefish and rice, or the octopus salad, which is just as its sounds but surprisingly tasty. Other notable dishes also include shrimps na buzaru and peka, and you enjoy any of these practically anywhere within the country. 

There’s much, much more to do!
We might have only listed five, but there are dozens of other awesome vacation activities to do in Croatia. You can also choose to go shopping in fresh market stalls, attend a play at the HNK Theater in Zagreb, go truffle hunting in Istria, or get your groove on at one of the many parties at Carpe Diem in Hvar, to name a few. There’s much to see and do, and probably not enough time to sample everything in its entirety. 

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