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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

What is Salesforce AppExchange and How it Works?

What is Salesforce AppExchange and How it Works?

Salesforce Appexchange is the cloud computing marketing place, from where end users can download, or install Salesforce apps. If you are Salesforce Lightning Platform app developer or consultant, app exchange is the gateway foe connecting end customers for your business services. If you’re a Salesforce administrator or user, visit the AppExchange to find tools as per your requirement and consultants to unleash your company’s productivity. Using salesforce app exchange you can share applications to millions of other users all over the world.
Benefits of using Salesforce AppExchange

1) Companies/Users will use direct the app to transfer to your Salesforce instance.
2) It is a gateway to plenty of prospects and has created it potential for several corporations to make a rapport with potential customers
3) Customers will post reviews concerning their expertise with apps and services, that are a good facilitate once other customers are buying a selected app.
4) AppExchange provides a great deal of scope to make and develop innovative applications.
5) You don’t have to invest development and maintenance costs, as paid apps are often improved and enhanced by their providers. The user only needs to invest their time of searching for the (Salesforce Appexchange App)(https://www.atocloud.com/our-services/salesforce-apps/) and implementing it, either yourself or with the help of an expert.

How Salesforce AppExchange Works?

The key concept of the app exchange is an app which is a combination of components such as tabs, fields, objects, dashboards, reports, and Visualforce pages that address a specific business need. The AppExchange is a marketplace where ISVs distribute and Salesforce users browse, test drive, install, and review these apps.

As an app distribution platform, the AppExchange introduces the idea of a package that bundles the answer, be it a personal part of a bunch of connected apps, for distribution to Salesforce users and organizations. AppExchange packages are of two types: unmanaged and managed packages.

Unmanaged and Managed Packages: Unmanaged packages are widely used the open-source projects or application templates provide the developers with the basic fragments required to build an application. But salesforce.com partners prefer using Managed packages when they want to distribute and sell applications to the customers.

Simplify app Exchange app discovery process for Salesforce customers through:

1) Personalized Recommendation: The Appexchange recommend the application to the Salesforce users as per their past installations, location, browsing activity and search history.

2) Categorization and search filtering: All the listing in the app exchange is arranged as per product and industry collections, user can filter the search results by pricing model, edition, average customer rating, or language.

3) App Ranking: The app exchange gives rank to each app as per customer rating, number of installations and page views. Customers can leave their review for the particular app, which helps other companies to make a perfect choice.

4) Demo Mode: Some app offers its customers the demo with read-only access to all the functionality before purchasing, we can call it a free trial of the app. This helps businesses to get a complete overview of its capabilities and plan the implementation accordingly.

Atocloud’s (Salesforce Development Company) help you make the maximum use of all Salesforce clouds without making a hole in your pocket. We’re ready to assist you right from the beginning. From appexchange app development to the implementation of Salesforce, we ensure it is a smooth and an obstacle-free ride for you.

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