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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a dream of many of the students. If listening to the opportunity of studying abroad makes you happy, then you must definitely go for it and achieve your dream. Although, it is a big step to take and many students are not sure whether they should go for it or not. If you are feeling reluctant to convince yourself to study abroad, then take a look at these persuasive reasons. These reasons might help you convince and will also make you aware of the benefits to study abroad. 

Though studying abroad can be expensive, but it is worth spending because it helps you in getting experience, building your resume, and many more. The expense incurred depends on the country you are from and the country you are going to study. For instance, if the currency of your country has a higher value than the other, then it may be affordable for you, on contrary, if the currency value is low, then it will be expensive for you. Whatever the case is, you can still easily pursue your dream. For students, it has become easy to get study loans from different financial institutions. Hence, you must definitely consider going abroad for studying. 

Reason Why You Should Study Abroad 
If you are not yet convinced, then here are ten convincing reasons, why you should study abroad:

1. International exposure –Without a doubt studying abroad gives you international exposure. Our thinking process and outlook on a concept depends on the type of environment we live in. By studying abroad, you will be able to have an international exposure that will help you look at things differently and broaden your exposure.Living in a different country gives you the opportunity to live a different lifestyle and embrace it. It adds up to your knowledge and makes your vision broader. 

2. Learn new culture –Studying in a new country allows to see and adapt tothe new culture. Many students move to various countries to live in other cultures. It allows you to learn how to adjust to a new environment. By shifting in a separate place you get to try different foods, traditions, clothes. Lifestyle, social culture, etc. You get to learn other people’s traditions, their methods to do things, tec. Learning a different culture is only possible if you visit another place and live there for a definite period of time. 

3. Makes your CV strong – It does have a wonderful effect on your resume or Curriculum Vitae. Having an international degree makes you look smarter and strengthens your CV. This international degree shows that you were able to manage your work, study and maintain a balance in your life. Hence, those students who have the main aim to get a good employment opportunity must definitely consider studying abroad. 

4. Learn a new language – You must be definitely good in your native language and some other regional languages, but learning a foreign language, now that’s a completely new and exciting thing. For instance, if you are from China and are going to study in France, you get the chance to learn French from the regional people and make friends. Also, English can be improved by studying abroad as most of the international courses are provided in the English language. This makes it a great opportunity to learn and explore more than one language. 

5. Travel – This is also one of the main reasons why many students decide to go abroad for studying. You get to see the world and why must anyone miss this chance? Being a student having a visa, it makes it a lot simpler for you to travel. Along with studying you get a chance to enjoy vacations. You will be able to visit new places or tourist places in the country or other countries too. For instance, America and Canada have good relations with each other. Due to this, an American can easily go to Canada and vice versa. 

6. Make new friends – You will be able to make international friends and make your friend circle larger. Just like you, there will be many students from various countries who came to study there. You can meet them and make them your friends. Due to technology, it has become easy to maintain contact internationally and keep your friends in touch.Even after your education, you can stay in touch and travel to each other’s country. Also, if you are good at something, help others. For instance, if you are good at essay writing, then tell your friends about it. Whenever they need help, they can ask you to write my essay or help me in writing my essay. It will allow you to increase affection among your friends. 

7. Career growth – As mentioned earlier, a foreign degree gives your career the required boost. It is very beneficial for getting growth opportunities. Some countries allow you to do a job after completing your undergraduate or post-graduate courses. You can also extend your visa if you have a job or offer letter of a native company. Other than this, if you are interested to get into multinational companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. you can study in top universities in the USA that have links with them. It will help you to give yourself a chance to sit in the campus recruitment and if you performed well you can get selected. 

8. Quality education – The quality of the education provided in different countries is high. Due to this reason, education is costly for international students in many countries. But since it is for your betterment, spending money on it is definitely worth it. Having a high-quality qualification will benefit you in your career growth.  

9. Independence and self-reliability – Staying far from your home give you independence. While living with your family, you highly rely on them. But if you have to stay on your own, you have to rely on yourself. By staying far away from family, one learns self-reliability and management.It should be kept in mind not to misuse this independence, use it as a chance to prove to your family, that they have taken the right decision to allow you to study abroad. 

10. Learn management skills – Another benefit of going to a foreign country is that you learn management skills. Since you are the only ones who have to do all the work, it becomes your responsibility to manage your time and task accordingly. Do all your work on time like assignments, cooking, cleaning your dorm/ apartment, etc. Few students also help their fellow students by tutoring or by providing them assignment help. Some students also do part-time jobs or internships and manage time according to their schedule.

Due to these reasons, one must absolutely study abroad. You will get international exposure, foreign friends, quality education, career growth, time management skills, self-reliability, etc. are some of the benefits of studying abroad. Overall, it is a great experience. 

Author Bio – I am Elizaa Beth, a content writer. I have an experience of 12 years in content writing. Writing is my hobby and hence, I have chosen content writing. I like articles and blogs related to a technical, managerial and educational niche. 

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