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Monday, 2 September 2019

The Best Seven Wonders of India

The Best  Seven Wonders of India

Let we introduce the seven wonders of India that make you different feel about our country and stunning you. We are here to introduce seven wonder places of the India how they are unique from each other. I am sure after read it you wish to like visit these places of India. If you want more details about these places you can write in comment box and also suggest your views.

The Golden Temple In Punjab. ...
The Monolithic Gomateshwara Statue In Karnataka. ...
The Nalanda University In Bihar. ...
TajMahalIn Uttar Pradesh. ...
The Konark Sun Temple In Orissa. ...
Khajuraho Group Of Monuments In Madhya Pradesh. ...
The Hampi Temple Complex In Karnataka.

I am personally visiting this place of Punjab that is called the The Golden Temple or also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib is the holiest pilgrimage site of the Sikhas of the world. It cover by gold in the upper floors. It situated in Aritsar and designed by the fifth Sikh Guru, “Guru ArjanDevGi”.

GOMATESHWARA STATUE is located on Vindyagiri at Shavanbelagola in karnataka which is 57-foot (17M) high .Vindyagiri hill is one the two hills in Shravanabelagola and other is Chandragir which is much older than Gommateshwara statue.

Nalanda University is situated in Bihar which was a large and revered Buddhist monastery in India. It was built in the 5the century by the Gupta Emperor which was the most illustrious learning centers. It is located 95 kilometers southeast of Patna near the city of Bihar Sharif.Ast its peak attracted the people specialy scholars and students from near and far, with some travelling from Tibed, china, Korea, and Central Asia. It history begin under the Gupta Empire.

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