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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Oily Skin
There are many skin types, and the best one is normal skin. Oily skin also looks beautiful provided that it is well maintained as this type of skin is highly prone to develop pimples and acne, which make it look ugly. To prevent excessive oil secretion from the sebaceous glands, which lead to oily skin problems, there are some proven home remedies that are mentioned below.

1. Cleansing Routine: Keep skin clean by washing face twice or thrice a day with some mild and quality face wash. Also, remember to use a face wash whenever you come back home after any outings.

2. Use of Astringent and Toner: apply astringent over the face before washing it off and then apply a good toner at last.

3. Use of Water-Based Moisturizer: keep yourself away from oily moisturizers. Instead, use some quality water-based moisturizer.

4. Use of Sunscreen: UV rays damage the skin, so using sunscreen is a must. For people having oily skin, water-based sunscreen should be selected.

5. Diet Changes: People with oily skin should undoubtedly avoid fried and fatty as well as high calorie and sweet foods so as to slow down oil secretion and hence, pimple formation.

6. Intake of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Intake of these items provides necessary nutrition to the skin and maintains its health.

7. Fluid Intake: fluid helps in flushing off the toxins out of the body and keeps the skin cool and hydrated. This helps in fighting the oily skin problems too.

8. Caffeinated Beverages to Be Avoided: Intake of drinks like tea and coffee should be limited so as to avoid excessive oil secretion.

9. Carbonated Drinks to Be Avoided: Sweet, frizzy, and carbonated drinks lead to pimple formation on oily skin so these should be ignored.

10. White Flour Based Food Products Should Be Avoided: These products contain a lot of easy carbohydrates that add to the blood sugar level, which is not good for oily skin. So these foods should be replaced with fiber-rich foods.

11. Fried And Fat Food Items Need To Be Consumed In Moderation: During puberty, the teenagers having oily skin suffer from acne problems on consuming excessively fried and fatty foods.

12. Treatment of Acne: Opt for natural masks like masks made up of cucumber, lemon, or citric fruits to control oil secretion and reduction of facial blemishes as well.

13. Use of Lime or Lemon: Having lemon juice mixed in warm water and some honey helps in cleansing the body system and maintains oil balance in the skin.

14. Egg Whites: Egg white mask can help to reduce the oil secretion. Also, the yolk of the egg, along with some lemon juice, can be used as an effective facial mask to give a youthful skin.

15. Use of Clay Masks: These masks are easily available at stores and help not only in the removal of excess oil from face but also in tightening the skin and clogging up the pores.

16. Use of Orange Peel: Make a fine powder of dried orange peels and apply it in a paste form over the skin to get rid of excessive oil secretion.

17. Ensuring Physical Activities: Physical exercises cause sweating, which helps in enhancing blood circulation in the body and gives a fresh looking skin.

18. Rest is Required: Proper rest decreases stress level that is responsible for excessive oil secretion and clogging of pores and thus helps to keep the oily skin away from pimples.

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