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Friday, 27 September 2019

List of Top Magento Developer Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store

List of Top Magento Developer Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store

With the advent of technology, online businesses are getting so much popularity that it has become hard to decide which technology would be good for designing & developing your new website.

If your idea is to launch an E-commerce platform, then you must go for Magento Ecommerce Development Services to bring your vision into the digital world.

A large number of people across the world are using Magento Ecommerce Development to power up their websites with many unique features and functionalities that it offers.

With increasing popularity of Magento Developer Extensions and technology, Today, more than 2 lakh websites are using Magento Ecommerce Development. So, if you’re looking to develop a feature rich website which can work smoothly and efficiently to attract the search engine’s and audience’s attention, then hire a Magento Development Company and launch your business on Magento Store.
Magento has a wide range of exceptional extensions that can help you with effective management of inventories, tracking of sales and payments etc.

These Magento Extensions add great value to your online business in generating customer retention and conversion.
To make you aware of all Magento Extensions which are in trend in 2019, we have come up with a rage of best Magento Extensions that are perfectly suited to your online store.
Let’s know about these extensions and ask your Magento Development Company to use the best-fit extension to your website for ensuring more engagement and conversions.

List of Top Magento Developer Extensions
1. Delivery Data Schedule
To make your customers happy by not letting them wait for long for receiving the ordered product, this Magento Extension can help you delivering the products on exact dates as required by the customers.
With this extension, you can ask customers to choose the dates in calendar by when they require their product to be delivered. After analyzing all conditions, you can revert your customers with the appropriate date before which you’ll deliver the product.
Many ecommerce platforms are using this extension these days.

2. Fedex Smart Shipping
Through this outstanding Magento Developer Extension, you can offer your user to track their product shipping and delivery status. This extension also tells the average shipping rates and delivery options that are available for the chosen location.

3. SEO Hub
If you’re struggling in search engine optimizing your Ecommerce Store, then SEO hub can ease out the complete process for you. It will help you adding the meta tags, URLs, descriptions and targeted keywords for each page to directly notify the search engines about your website.

4. Quotation Manager
If you’re still using the traditional method of receiving the quotation through email, then Magento Quotation Manager can make it easier for your customers to ask for a quote in real time and receive a response back from the store authorities.
With this extension, you can keep your prices discreet.

5. Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager, you can use a wide range of Google services such as Analytics, AdWords and more. All you have to do is to install the Google Tag Manager and it will automate your website performance improvement process and also give you a great support for running a successful cost-effective remarketing campaign.

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