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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Home Accessories to Achieve a Sustainable Home

Home Accessories to Achieve a Sustainable Home

Accessories are like the jewel of the home. Everyone wants to make their home look stylish trendy and sustainable. You cannot upgrade or renovate your home without adding accessories to it.

Expensive furniture, beautiful flooring, and striking paint color are not enough for home decor. You have to add some precious accessories at the end to give it a complete look. It is the best way to convert your house into a lovely home. It will breathe a new life to your old and dull home effortlessly and will serve as the icing on the cake.

The best part is that you do not need to spend much on these accessories. But choosing the right accessories might be tricky. You have to choose accessories according to your style, preferences and according to the design and color scheme of your house. In addition, these accessories must be eco-friendly.So, in order to give your house a sustainable yet designer look we have shortlisted a few accessories so that you won’t need to waste your time in looking for the right ones.

Towels Made From Natural Fibers
Towels are used on a daily basis in every home. We used to purchase towels and fabrics that look beautiful but they are not eco-friendly. We must pay more attention to purchasing such products that can be easily recycled and thus lead to a sustainable home and sustainable environment. Always purchase towels and linens that are made of natural fibers like hemp or bamboo. Organic towels are also getting popular day by day. Not only that these fabrics are eco-friendly but also they last longer so you do not have to buy them any sooner.

Add A Maple-Wood Nightstand
If you are looking for a nightstand for your bedroom or living room then get your hands on a maple wood nightstand. As it is made of eco-friendly material, hence it will contribute to a sustainable home. This material will give you a good grip to keep your necessary items without collapsing. It will also give your room a chic vintage look that you can’t get enough of. Another way is to get a 3 piece nightstand and place them in a triangular manner in a corner of your living room. In this way, they will act as a focal point and will give a designer look to your living room.

Handmade Accessories
Another way to improve your home aesthetics and at the same time contribute to the eco-friendly environment is by adding handmade accessories. Though these accessories are a bit costly as compared to other items but tend to last a bit longer than the others. Their colors won’t fade easily and they are more durable than the factory-made or artificial items. You can buy a large handmade piece of clothing made of bamboo or other natural fibers and paste it on the walls. Handmade jewelry is also popular nowadays. Add handmade pillows to your sofas and chairs and turn your simple furniture to something unique and eye-catching.

Another great way to add beauty to your home with eco-friendly accessories is by having sculptures. It is another great way to express your personality. These sculptures are not only limited to some old classic sculptures. Rather you can choose from among their wide variety, design, and concepts.

For example, you can have realist, modern, minimalist and whimsical art pieces according to your priorities and the background of your room. They will serve as the focal point in your plain drawing-room. You can simply place a torso sculpture at a vintage table in your living room, drawing room or in the hallway. You can also design a customized sculpture according to your choice e.g. if you love and enjoy wrestling then you can have a wrestling sculpture that will exhibit your personality.

Wooden Accessories
You might have purchased so many plastic toys for your child but let’s buy something meaningful this time. Wooden toys are easy to recycle and remodel and also your kids may find this new kind of toys interesting. In addition, you can also use these toys as a decoration piece. Small wooden animals can be placed in the open shelves in your kitchens, hallways, living room, and drawing-room. You can also add wooden bowls and baskets to your kitchens. In addition, wooden spoons are also preferred while cooking as they last longer than ever. Add a wooden writing board on the wall and never forget anything on your to-do list.

Recycled Mat For Bathroom
While bringing new accessories for your home, you cannot neglect your bathroom. You can enhance the overall look of your plain and dull bathroom by adding attractive recycled bathroom mats. These recycled bath mats are made of a variety of natural materials.

E.g. some shower mats are made of thin bamboo sticks that are firmly tied together. These bath mats are not only eco-friendly but also they are preferred because you do not need to dry them and they won’t stink. If you want a cotton bathroom mat that feels super soft and comfy to your feet then you can also bring recycled mats made of cotton jersey. These mats come in extremely ravishing patterns, designs, and colors. Make sure to choose the color of your choice. Mostly black and greys are used by designers against a plain white background to give it a nice pop.

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