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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Affirmative Information about ALOE VERA

Affirmative Information about ALOE VERA
ALOE VERA is plant that is used in medicinal and improve our helath condition without any side effect and it is also herbaceous species of plant in the family Asphodelaceae due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. It is self sporting growth plant. Egyptians knows first time that it is a multiple nature properties plants that contains more than 200 important nutritional in Aloe Vera leaf.It is discovered in 1862 by German Egyptologist George Fbers.

It also known as many different name like:  First aid plant, Medicinal plant, Miracle plant ,Barbadose aloe, Burn aloe etc.

SCIENTIFIC NAME of Aloe Vera: Aloe barbadensis, Aloe capensis

SOME OTHER ALTERNATIVE NAMEin India-Ghrtakumari, But in Gujarat and Rajasthan it’s known as Gwarpatha, In Pakistan it name is Quargandal where it is also used as unani medicine. In Indonesia-lidahbuaya, In Thailand-crocodile tail plant, In south Africa - sabila


As we know it is very useful plants in the medical point of view not only in India but all over world. But you know how acutely where it is grow? Which climate it want to grow up? Very few people know that it is a self growing plant. It is grows in to the dreary climates or land and found in India, Africa, Caribbean, and other dry climates. It is a short stem or stems less plant. It contains leaves and flowers as like other plants. Once specialty of this plant is that its leaves are very thick which is 50-60 cm long and 4-5 cm thick. Its flower contains “aloe tic” juice. Aloe Vera contains many medicinal properties. It contains 200 important nutritional constituents in aloe Vera leaf. It also different type of MINERALS like Calcium, Sodium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, and Manganese VITAMINS like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, and Folic AcidENZYMES like lipase, Peroxidise SUGAR like Monosaccharide’s and polysaccharides include Sucrose, lactoseLIGNINS which are the Cellular substances. It contain 96-99% of water due to this is works in based on “SYNERGISTIC ACTION”. As its high demand its grown commercially in cosmetic industries and treatment of healing in India. Aloe Vera grown in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and many more in India due to it’s can’t stay in cold temperature.


Mostly used of Aloe Vera in Shampoo, Aloe Vera Lotion, Ale Vera Ge, Aloe Vera Juice, Ale Vera Eating, Ale Vera Butter, Aloe Vera Dried herbs powders, Aloe Vera Shower Gel, and Ale Vera Vegetarian Capsules.

Due to large harvesting, marketing of Aloe Vera leaves is not fully developed in our country and day to day it is difficult to found in our country and became costly as like Gold.

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