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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

7 Interesting English Techniques You Must Know

7 Interesting English Techniques You Must Know

Are you the one who wish to make your writing more appealing and engaging? If your answer is YES, then you must know about the several English techniques that will surely push the readers to read your content till the end.
The following list explains some of the literary and narrative English techniques for you to know and use them as a part of your writing.

1.      Hyperbole
For the keen authors, hyperbole is one of the most exciting English techniques to make use of. This is a figure of speech which includes a kind of exaggeration of the thoughts and ideas just to draw the attention of the reader to the statement. Have you heard a writer saying, ‘Till China and Africa Meet’. Think why and when would China and Africa meet? The answer is that they would never meet during the lifetime of the writer. But, in such a case, the writer is just using exaggeration to state that he will be loving the concerned person all through his life.

2.      Alliteration and Assonance
What do you know about alliteration? Alliteration actually refers to the recurrence of similar-sounding words, usually the consonants. Bringing up new alliterative words in a unique and fun game manner. Alliteration is a literary device that has been used by most of the authors in order to come out with a clear and precise meaning of the words.
On the other hand, assonance refers to the practice of thevowel sounds within the words. 

3.      Metaphors
For most of the writers sometimes, it becomes difficult to make a comparison between the two things. To ease the writers and help them make the comparison, metaphors are used as a figure of speech. It has been a long time that the writers have been using metaphors in order to make a comparison. Shakespeare, one of the renowned writers took the help of the metaphor saying, ‘All the world’s a stage’. Though the world is not at all a stage it has been compared to a stage. If you are the one who wishes to write excellent literature with the use of various literary devices, avail Assignment Help Melbourne from the expert writers who are there to guide and assist you.

4.      Personification
Personification is another figure of speech in which the non-living things are giving some human qualities. This feature is used by most of the authors leaving a sense of human traits in the non-living objects.
For instance: “The leaves waved in the mind”, “The sun smiled at us”.

5.      Similes
A simile is a kind of a phrase that is used to state the comparison. Similes are similar to metaphors, on the other hand, the metaphors aren’t the same as that of the similes. This figurative language that is highly used by the public speakers, well-known writers or anyone else who want to make their writing an exciting piece.

6.      Foreshadowing
Foreshadowing is another English technique in which the author provides a prior hint to what will be coming up in the story. The reflection of foreshadowing usually appears at the start of the writing or the chapter. This leaves a sense of expectations in the minds of the readers. This kind of technique can be used in various forms. A writer may add it as a part of the plot events, character dialogues, etc. In fiction writing, foreshadowing creates suspense in the story. Adding foreshadowing in the writing helps in building curiosity among the keen readers.

7.      Allusion
This is another figure of speech that is used as a kind of reference given directly or indirectly from an isolated context. Allusion refers to when an author references an individual or a place or any idea which has some kind of relation or holds literary or cultural importance. This English writing technique is highly used in order to simplify the complicated thoughts in short and crisp manner.

Final Words
With anything good, balance is what that must be followed. Thus, while using these figures of speech, the writers must take care and ensure that the amount ofusage is not exceeding its limit. Overcrowding of the figurative language may leave an opposite effect in your writing. Definitely with the use of these English writing techniques, a little will go a long way in boosting your content.

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