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Friday, 6 September 2019

10 Famous Churches in Kerala

10 Famous Churches in Kerala

Kerala is famous for its Western Ghats, greenery, lakes, and backwaters. There is mainly three main religion prevailing in Kerala – Hinduism, Christianity, and Islamic. There are several churches present in Kerala paying homage to Christians. Once you have done visiting the natural wonders, its time to visit some famous churches in Kerala.

1. Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi
This very famous church is more than 500 years of old and was build in 1500 CE on the arrival of Portuguese. It's among one of the 8 Basilicas and located in Kochi Fort. This church is known for its Indo-European and Gothic architecture, murals and paintings. The church had been redecorated several times and was lastly modified in 1905.

 2. MalayattoorChurch
The St.Thomas Catholic Church is one of the main attractions of Christians in Kerela. Located on the north-eastern side of Ernakulam. The name of the church has been derived from the amalgamation of the mountain(mala), river(aattuu) and place(ooru).
The church was build in the memories of St.Thomas, the disciple of Jesus Christ when he came here to start his missionary work. During his visit he fled to the Kurisumundi mountain top and prayed to Lord, the Mother of the Lord appeared and Consoled him, so Malayattor Church was built atop of this mountain.You can get great discount on ticket booking online using makemytrip offers.

 3. St.Alphonsa’s Church, Bharananganam
This Church was built in the memories of Saint Alphonsa over her mortal remains at Bharananganam, Kottayam district. On 12th  October 2008, she was declared as a saint by Pope Benedict XVI. St. Alphonsa feast is also very famous and is held every year in the month of July.

4.   Arthunkal Church, Alappuzha
St Andrews Basilica is also known as Arthunkal Church and is located 22kms north of Alappuzha. This was build in the 16th Century by Portuguese missionaries and is one of the famous sightseeing in Kerala. In 2010 it was crowned as a basilica and attracts numerous devotees all year round, mainly during the Arthunkal feast, during the mid of January.

5.    Vallarpadam Church
This church is located near Cochin and is also famous as “The Church of Our Lady Ransom”, dedicated to mother Mary. This famous church was originally built by the Portuguese and was destroyed in the Dutch period. It was again rebuilt in 1676. Pope Leo XIII declared it to be a “special church ” in 1888. The Government of India declared it to a holy church in 1951, people irrespective of any caste can visit this church all year round.

6.   Catholic Rosary Church, Thalassery
The Catholic Rosary Church near Thalassery adds another delight to the state of Kerala. The stained glass design, colonial architecture and wide façade are highly admirable, making it a must visit spot in your tour. This church is near the Thalassery fort and beach providing you with an unobstructed view of the sea as well.

7. Vimalgiri Church, Kottayam
This church is also known as AngathattuPalli, the deity of mother Mary is known as Vimalabika. This church is dedicated to the immaculate heart of Mother Mary. Owing to the excellent craftsmanship and Gothic style architecture this church is one of the very famous churches in Kerala. One of the noticeable features of the church is its 172 ft tall tower, which is already recorded as one of the “tallest church tower” of the state.

8. Kadamattom Church
This church is famous for its Orthodox Syrian Church and its old Persian cross. It is situated 30 kilometers from Kochi. The Kasamottam Church was built in Indo-Persian style and was discovered in the 9th Century. It is known a priest with mythical powers and unnatural capabilities lived here and were closely related to the church.

9. St. George Forane Church
This church is located in Edappally, at a distance 10km from the main part of Ernakulam. This church is known to the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Kerala. This church was constructed in 594 AD and had gone through several renovations. One was noted in 1080 AD. This church is well known for its curing powers. It is said the water of the well, workas a miracle and has healing powers. People drink water from the well and also take to wash off their face and hands. The famous feast of St.George is held every year on the month of April till May. You can apply for Travel Desk Executive Jobs to know about this field.

10. NadamelMarth Mariam Church
This church was patronized by the Cochin Royal Family and located a bit outskirt area. NadamelMarth Church is a tourist attraction in Kerala and has a significant name in the list of Jacobite churches in Kerala. A custom prevailed for every new successor of the Royal Family used to make offerings at the church and met all leaders and the bishops by person.


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