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Friday, 9 August 2019

The effectiveness of Althrocin 250 Mg

The effectiveness of Althrocin 250 Mg

Althrocin 250 Mg tablets are a kind of macrolide antibiotic that is basically used for the treatment of several bacterial infections in ear, throat, lungs, etc. As it treats infections caused by bacteria only, it is not recommended to use in flu, common cold, or treating any viral infections.

Uses of Althrocin 250 Mg:
One can buy Althrocin 250 Mg online shopping for treating the following-
• Pneumonia – it is a common infectious condition of lungs caused by bacteria like Haemophilus influenza, streptococcus pneumonia, etc.

• Ear infection - Althrocin 250 Mg has excellent use in treating Otitis Media, which is a common infectious condition in the middle ear by a bacterial attack.
• Bronchitis – Bronchitis is an inflammation condition of the bronchial tube due to the attack of several bacteria including Haemophilus influenza, mycoplasma pneumonia, streptococcus pneumonia, etc.

• Pertussis – it is a critical respiratory disease which is commonly referred to as whooping cough due to Bordetella pertussis bacteria.

• Rheumatic fever – Repetitions of rheumatic fever or infections in the upper respiratory tract can be prevented with the uses of Althrocin 250 Mg tablets.

Side effects:
Every medicine does not leave equal positive effects on all patients and it is basically due to the different immunity power of the patients’ bodies. Intake of Althrocin 250 Mg tablets may also have some side effects in the patients’ bodies, such as –

• Diarrhea
• Chills
• Skin blistering
• Joint pain
• Skin rashes
• Fastening of heartbeats
• Loss of weight
• Loss of appetite
• Abdominal pain
• Chest tightness
• Dizziness

When you should not use Althrocin 250 Mg tablets?
1. In allergic conditions – if you are allergic to the use of erythromycin tablets or any types of macrolides, or any inactive component of Althrocin 250 Mg tablet, then you should use this medicine.

2. In cholestatic jaundice – if your doctor is aware of the fact that you have a history of suffering from hepatic impairment or cholestatic jaundice, he will never recommend you using Althrocin 250 Mg tablets.

How to use Althrocin 250 Mg tablets?
You should take this medicine with professional advice only. And, you should follow their instructions properly for taking this medicine. Generally, it can be taken with or without food. You should not discontinue taking this medicine or make its use prolonged without consulting your doctor. You should complete the doses to recover.

• With other medicines – the consumption of Althrocin 250 Mg tablets may be interrupted with the parallel consumption of verapamil, ethinyl estradiol, pimozide, amiodarone, quetiapine, and clonazepam medicines.
• With foods – Grapefruit is recommended to avoid when someone is on this medication.

• With other diseases –
Ø Impaired liver function – patients who have a history of liver diseases can have adverse effects on the use of this medicine.
Ø QT prolongation – people who have a past history of heart diseases, arrhythmias, and elongate QT intervals, should inform their doctors.

Ø Myasthenia gravis – people who have suffered from myasthenia gravis in the past should share the information with their doctors before starting doses of Althrocin 250 Mg tablets.

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