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Sunday, 20 September 2020

Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

September 20, 2020
Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand


If you wanted a break from your hectic and bustling lifestyle in a pocket friendly way, so you are on the right platform. Are you interested in visiting some fabulous places in Uttarakhand?  So here are some places in Uttarakhand which will definitely give you a unique experience. 


Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

Nainital lies in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand which was a popular place during British era. It features bright green colored Nainital (Naini) Lake and a strip called The Mall, attached to restaurants, shops and hotels. You can explore forests, surrounding area on horseback, enjoy the view of Kumaon Himalayas or relax on a boat in the lake. This place gets crowded during the summer season. Most of the tourists are from Delhi to get rid from harsh sun.


Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

The “Gateway to God” Haridwar is one of the seven holiest places in India. It is also one of four places where Khumbh Mela occurs. Located in basins of The Himalayas in Uttarakhand, it is one of the most popular in Hindu pilgrims who visit there to take a dip in the holy water of the fast flowing Gangs and get rid of their sins. Ganga Aarti is the attraction in evening.


Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

Mussoorie is known as the ‘Queen of the hills’, it is one of the places which you have to add it to your list while visiting Uttarakhand.  If you like solo trips then this place is especially for you, Mussoorie have breath taking views. It is a place that will make to fall in love with it. There are so many facilities developed, especially for tourists like cable cars, beautiful nature walk with camel ride, picnic at Kempty Falls or horse ride up to Lal Tibba the highest peck of Mussoorie. If you are a peace lover then this place is best for you.


Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

Almora , now the capital of Kumaon region. It is known for its fascinating charm, Almora is a peaceful town. It has a rich culture of Kumaon with beautiful vistas of the sun setting and rising over the mountains, you can enjoy your morning or evening tea by relaxing from your hotel balcony and enjoy the fascinating Himalayan mountains covered with clouds.


Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

Munsiyari is a small town surrounded by mountains in Pithoragarh district, is heaven for mountaineers and trekkers. The Tribal Heritage Museum, filled with artifacts from Munsiyari's trade with Tibet on the ancient salt route, is also worth seeing. The Birthi Falls is a beautiful gift of nature, you can explore fabulous views of glacier trek of Milam, Ramik, and Namik.


Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

Uttarkashi is a small town of great religious importance, it is located in the vicinity of Yamunotri and Gangotri. It is surrounded by dense forest of fur, pine and deodar. It is a religious place that is why you will find so many sadhus. If you are a religious person,  there are so many temples in Uttarkashi that you can visit, one of the famous among these is that of Lord Vishwanath.

Valley of Flowers National Park

Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

The amazing landscape of The Valley of Flowers National Park in the Garhwal region comes vibrant with monsoon rain. This high- altitude valley has around 300 varieties of alpine flowers, which appear attractive in contrast of mountains covered with white blanket of snow. It is a popular trekking destination, visit starts from June to end of October.


Some Fabulous Places to visit in Uttarakhand

Mukteshwar is like a paradise far away from crowd and pollution. There is a 350 year old temple of Lord Shiva, Mukteshwar is a pilgrimage town and centre of numerous adventurous activities like rock climbing, trekking and rapplling.

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How to Increase Facbook Followers in Short Time

September 20, 2020
How to Increase Facbook Followers in Short Time
How to Increase Facbook Followers in Short Time

So many think that Facebook is no longer popular social media, but those who think that is wrong. There are so many people who prefer Facebook instead of other social media. So here I am with some tips that how anyone can increase their Facebook followers in a short time.

1.       Invite people to your page

The simplest way to increase Facebook followers is by inviting people to like your page. Firstly, you can invite your family and friends. Once you start running ads Facebook will send you notifications asking you to invite friends.

2.       Write an attractive bio

If you write an attractive bio, you can attach your page link in your bio and also attach your Gmail so that people can contact you.

3.       Run Facebook ads

Running ads on your page can increase your followers even faster. If a Facebook user likes your ad content he or she will eventually follow your page. You can run Engagement ads will help to increase visibility of brands.

4.       Host a giveaway

If you wanted to increase Facebook followers host a giveaway. Share your giveaway on Facebook group, on the website and on your Facebook page. When your followers see your giveaway they will share with their friends.

5.       Get tagged by other Facebook pages

Getting a shoutouts from a popular Facebook page can help you to get more facebook followers. For a shoutout, look for a brand who feature their costumer on social media.

6.       Share interesting content

If you share interesting content on your page on a regular person will attract and your followers will increase, and if your contents are good companies will also pay you to promote their products on your page.

7.       Use “Hashtags”

People think that “Hashtag” will only use in twitter or Insatgram, but you can also increase followers on Facebook by using “Hashtags”.





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Friday, 18 September 2020

Some Affirmative Benefits of Blogging

September 18, 2020
Some Affirmative Benefits of Blogging

Some Affirmative Benefits of Blogging

In the world of social media there are still so many people who are not aware of what is blogging. Blogging platforms are broadcast style communications that enable authors to publish articles, opinions or review, which can deliver through websites, feed and social media. There are plenty of benefits of blogging. So here I come with some benefits of blogging, which will help you to learn about something more about blogging.

Express your thoughts

Blogging is a good platform to express your feelings and passion. You can blog about anything, whether it is about business, art, photography, cooking, fashion etc. It gives you opportunity to express yourself to people with the same thoughts and can support you. Some people like to support a cause like political, environmental, awareness or a social cause.

Improves writing skills

A blogger has to write frequently. The more you write, the better you become at it. Most professional bloggers write on a regular basis this help them in proofreading of their writing constantly. You can get feedback from readers on your blogs which will help you to work on your mistakes and make amendments in your writing skills.

Beneficial for business

For a business gaining online visibility and identity is one of the best ways to increase investors and subscribers. With the help of an interesting and attractive blog you can easily be able to gain online raking and good traffic for your business.

Search engine optimization

If you wanted to excel your business SEO is a long term tactic to make your business visible above your competition in search engine. There are some ways to do that one way is that use those keywords in your blogs, which your customer search for with this your blog will always rank on top on search engines.

 Follow your passion

When you are passionate about something you wanted to share your thoughts and write about it, blogging is a right platform for it. With the help of blogging you can share your thoughts with so many peoples. It also open doors to connect with peoples who could help you to follow your passion even guide you.

Blogging provides worldwide opportunities

If you blog on regular and productive basis people and companies reach out with opportunities. Many companies and other bloggers will ask you for guest post or if they can put advertising on your website and even ask to promote and review products.

To educate others

If you are someone who like to teach and bring learning platform for others, so blogging is a platform for not only to teach others, but it will also help you to gain knowledge about so many different topics. You will learn because before writing you yourself do some research on that topic.




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Sunday, 6 September 2020

How much coffee is good for you?

September 06, 2020
How much coffee is good for you?
How much coffee is good for you?

If you are a big fan of coffee then you should known how much coffee is good for you. Many peoples are addicted with the coffee to wake up you in the morning. You are not alone, there are millions of peoples they have used coffee on the regular based to increase alertness, relieve weakness and increase focus. Peoples are confused regarding the quantity of the coffee to take...!!

How much coffee is healthy for you....!!

According to the study of BMJ, Drinking 3 to 4 cups coffee a day has health advantages for your body but average drinking coffee is harmless. According to the study found that the risk is lower of cancer and liver disease in coffee drinkers. The studies also confirm that high consumption of coffee during the pregnancy is very harmful. Apart from that it is also dangerous for those women who are breastfeeding. Many of specialist told that peoples not to start drinking coffee for the health purpose.

Heavy caffeine use can produce lots of side effect in adult body. Caffeine is not a good drink for those who have taken some medicines.

Advantages of taking four cup of coffee

Four cups of strong coffee is good for healthy heart, particular for adults and older. According to the German researchers, coffee serves as a magic fuel on our heart health. This study applied for those candidates who have taken four cups of coffee of days.
Here are health benefits of drinking coffee...!!

1. Body Process Glucose
2. Develop heart failure
3. Help to Protect Your Liver
4. DNA Will Stronger
5. Decrease Cancer
6. Lower Stroke risk

Disadvantages of taking more than 4 cups

Taking more than 4 cups of coffee is bad for your health. You have to decrease the consumption of numbers of cups of coffee.
Here are some side effects if you drink more than 4 cups of coffee.

1. Headache
2. Nervousness
3. Irritation
4. Anxiety
5. Weakness
6. Upset Stomach
7. Increase heart Rates
8. Raise Blood Pressure

Drinking less coffee makes you nervous

Many peoples are extra sensitive as compared to others. If they have taken a cup of tea of coffee or little amounts may cause unexpected effects like headache, stress and sleep difficulties. Apart from that, many of them have taken too many cups of coffee as a result they feeling nervous, moody and asleep. 

What about for Children’s & Teens

Many of peoples report that they are heavily addicted with the coffee because they have trouble for quitting it. There are some teen’s reports that they have experienced unwanted physical and psychological side effects.


Many of studies suggest that up to four cups of coffee is good for your health. If you are taking caffeine on the regular base than you should closely monitored your health. It’s important to keeping close eye on caffeine intake of younger ones. You can help to prevent some of the negative side effects of coffee like anxiety, Diarrhea and dehydration.

How much coffee is good for you?

Author Bio:

This article is shared by Akshay Sharma. He is a blogger and writer of the Happiness Creativity Blog. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.
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Thursday, 2 July 2020

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

July 02, 2020
10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

A flared palazzo paired with different types of tunic give a perfect ethnic look to the wearer. They are very comfortable to wear and can be worn at any occasion or party. The flare of this salwar can vary according to the pattern. The salwar is loose from waist to bottom therefore it gives a comfortable feel when you wear it.

Going through the wholesale salwar kameez catalog of online sites can help you get some beautiful attires that you can wear on any special occasion or festival. As salwar suits are one of the most preferred outfits by Indian women this outfit will give you a perfect traditional look.

1. Palazzo with Straight Long Kurti

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

This beautiful grey palazzo paired with a yellow straight cut kurti and a perfect dupatta is just a great ethnic wear for any auspicious function or occasion. The tiny white print on the palazzo is making it look more attractive. An embroidered neckline and full sleeve having a border of the same embroidery work gives an overall perfect look to the wearer. Pair some traditional jewellery and a pair of shoes with this outfit for a pretty look. 

2. Printed Palazzo Salwar Suit

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe
This one should be a must have attire in your outfit. This simple and printed palazzo salwar suit is a perfect pick for casual wear. The long blue kurti and a printed white palazzo is giving a perfect ethnic wear statement. This is a perfect dress for summers and if you love prints and bright clothes then this will definitely match your choice. If you are willing to wear something simple yet attractive in the kitty party then you can choose to wear this dress.

3. Floral Palazzo Salwar Suit

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

No other outfit can be as adoring as this floral palazzo salwar suit. This white palazz salwar suit paired with a pink dupatta can be a perfect choice if you like to wear something simple and elegant. This simple V-neckline with pink piping at front is giving it a more ravishing look. The two-fourth sleeve is making a proper match with this stunning printed palazzo wholesale salwar suit. A sleek ponytail and some traditional accessories completes it all. 

4. Grey that matches with every occasion

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

The alluring grey outfit with white motifs and a matching designer dupatta is a must have outfit in your wardrobe. The golden lining in the dupatta and the tassels at the corner is making it look more amazing. The prints on the sleeves and a simple boat neckline is a perfect match with this flared palazzo. Pairing a contrast dupatta with this palazzo will make you look more glorifying and this beautiful attire can be a great choice for any gathering or event.

5. Slit Palazzo Salwar Suit

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

This beautifully embellished slit palazzo salwar suit is a perfect reception wear outfit. A simple V-neck and heavily embellished net sleeves is just too adoring. The outfit is detailed with some beautiful stones and pearls that is making it more interesting. The palazzo is also detailed with some amazing embroidery work and a net dupatta is completing the overall attire. Wearing it at evening parties will make you shimmer at the party.

6. Something Vibrant and Attractive

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

The colour combination of black and yellow is just too stunning. This long black kurti with some intricate design at bottom and at the neck is making an adoring match with this palazzo. The kurti is detailed with yellow embroidery work and thread work so that it makes an awesome pair. The neck is also detailed with some designs and piping work. Long sleeves are giving the outfit a more elegant look. Pairing some beautiful accessories with this attire will make you look a perfect fashionista.

7. A Navy Blue Printed Salwar Suit

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

A printed blue kurti paired with a plain navy blue palazzo and a contrast dupatta is a stunning outfit that will suit every lady. The kurti having cream print and an adoring neckline is a perfect ethnic wear for a kitty party or sangeet ceremony. The cream dupatta having blue prints and a blue border is making a great pair. A pair of bold and beautiful earrings and some other traditional jewellery such as rings, bracelets or bangles will make you look just perfect.

8. Flawless Palazzo Salwar Suit

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

This light weight and light colour alluring lavender palazzo salwar suit is a worth buying outfit. The detailing done with thin silver laces on the kurti and dupatta is giving the outfit a shimmery look. Perfect for those who like to wear simple and elegant clothes. The plain palazzo with thin lace and a good flare is making a great palazzo salwar suit. Long sleeves and a perfect neckline is making an overall amazing ethnic wear.

9. Bright outfit for a Bright day

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

If you are confused what to wear to the Haldi ceremony then pick this outstanding fully flared palazzo suit for the event. The kurti has some intricate designs and borders that makes it an eye catcher outfit. The neck is detailed with mirror work that is making the neck look more attractive. The dupatta has a thin lace and can be taken in many different ways. A pair of heels and light makeup gives it a complete traditional look.

10. Simple and Elegant Outfit

10 Types of Palazzo Salwar Suit Designs You must have in your Wardrobe

The peaceful white attire is super attractive. High neck and a keyhole with awesome details and embellishments is making it look more perfect. Plain palazzo and a designer dupatta with a beautiful lace and flower embroidery at the dupatta is making it just an amazing salwar suit. This one is definitely going to make you look like a fashionista. Style it with some jewellery and a simple hairstyle and attract everyone toward your adoring fashion statement.

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Thursday, 25 June 2020

How to Wear Saree In Different Ways?

June 25, 2020
How to Wear Saree In Different Ways?
How To Wear Saree In Different Ways

The saree is one timeless classic that is adored by every woman in the country. Apart from being a nation clothing for women in India, it is also fashionable clothing for weddings, parties and all other social and traditional events you may need special clothing for. Measuring a maximum length of 9 yards, this fabric is heavily decorated based on the event it is to be worn to, but it can be simple and sophisticated enough to be made into a daily wear or office wear garment.

With the passing of time and evolution of ethnic clothing, women are continuously on the lookout for something to increase the appeal of this garment and there are various ways to achieve this feat. It may include switching in a different clothing item or even adding an accessory that will make you more than exceptional to other guests. Here is a list of a few methods to get it done the right way without fail.

1. Saree with long jacket
The jacket-style salwar suit is a hit on the fashion market and its introduction in the saree bracket has been nothing short of a show-stopper, for the first time a stylish trend that is equally stylish and comfortable to wear has arrived. The jacket can be implemented in 1 of 2 ways. Either it can be worn on top of the whole outfit or else it can be converted into a blouse and worn as an alternative to the natural blouse.

The choice is yours on how to wear it, but whichever way you choose, you are bound to look amazing and catch the attention of many eyes. The right way to go about this is to team up a simple jacket with a heavily decorated saree or do it the other way round, a heavily decorated jacket paired with a simple saree (best choice if you have some of your mom's old sarees lurking around).

How To Wear Saree In Different Ways?

2. Extra dupatta for Saree draping
Ever seen someone wearing a multicolored saree, this might not be the saree fabric alone and in actual fact may be a dupatta added to increase the visual attraction of a simple and sober saree so that it can be worn at an important event most importantly at a wedding. This tip can be useful when you do not have a suitable outfit or have to come up with a plan at the last moment.

Sticking to a color scheme is advisable but you can opt for a crazy combination if your aim is to get all attention and make a fashion statement. Natural colored sarees can now have a splash of color when a bright dupatta is draped over the look. A shiny silk dupatta acts as a Jack of all trades and can match any kind of saree this you intend on wearing even if it is cotton or crepe fabric.

How To Wear Saree In Different Ways?

3. Shirt/Tunic as Saree blouse
For a long time now, designers have been updating the market with the latest and trendy styled outfits that are made more popular by young girls and women who are fashion-conscious. This is one of those, the replacing of a blouse with a tunic/shirt makes for an unusual sight that can easily be made a regular if you get it right the first time.

Opt for a formal collared shirt or a mandarin style collar cropped top to bring your look to a whole new level. This creates a different look that is creeping up to become a very common sight at parties where style is the most important thing. If you have sold, single-colored saree you can easily break the same with a plain crop top that lacks any design features. This way even a black saree can be broken with a white or grey tunic as the blouse.

4. Waist belt on Saree
The waist belt has become very common throughout the country with women of all ages and body types wearing them to show off those curves. Waist belts come in many styles made from all kinds of materials (fabric, metal, leather) in every color imaginable, so getting one you love will be a walk in the park.

Pick a color that ranges close to the combination that you have in mind, it can be similar or acting as a contrasting shade. Based on your body shape you can choose to wear it just below the bust or lower down at the waist region, but be warned about this as the wrong positioning can break your look. Thicker high worn belts also create a rather vintage look for curvier figures while slimmer waist-worn ones are better for women with a slimmer and shorter stature.

5. Kurti worn with Saree
This might sound a little odd but the traditional blouse can also be swapped out and replaced with a long Kurti style. It will be a blouse and will fall over the saree after it is draped across and tucked into the petticoat. If you are in search of a unique looking outfit you have found it right now.

Matching is key if you want to pul this stunt off without making it look like fashion faux pas. Stick to natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool to increase the comfortability quotient. Pick a long kurti that has side or central slits to aid in the wearing process. Next carefully do the draping to avoid any points that stick out like a sore thumb. After this, wear your look proudly as you will have all the guests admiring your ideas and bravery to wear such an extraordinary-looking saree.

Getting the most appealing look from any saree is o longer a difficult thing to accomplish as any woman now has the best tips to get it right the first time without having to make a mistake to learn from. All you now need is your make-up and accessories and you are ready to go out and enjoy your outing to the maximum.

If you love sarees then you can buy wholesale designer sarees online which can save your time and money. 

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Nag Tibba Trek – Trek the Indian HimalayaNag Tibba Trek – Trek the Indian Himalaya

June 25, 2020
Nag Tibba Trek – Trek the Indian HimalayaNag Tibba Trek – Trek the Indian Himalaya

Nag Tibba Trek – Trek the Indian HimalayaNag Tibba Trek – Trek the Indian Himalaya

Nag Tibba trek is a solid trek which gives one abundant wonderful greatness be it as rich green valleys, widespread of meadows, brilliant boondocks, and snow-made sure about mountains. Bandarpoonch, Black apex, Zeniths like Swargarohini are clear from the Nag Tibba peak. It is a notable choice for trekkers taking into account it's definitely not hard to guide inconvenience level and the straightforwardness to drive. In winters, this trek is made sure about with thick layers of snow which make Nagtibba a hot generally cherished for people having less time and expecting to encounter vacation day.
One explicit thing that pulls in mountain-dears toward Nag Tibba is an abundance of broadly differed vegetation and wonderful viewpoints on snow-topped apexes of Gangotri, Kedarnath, Bandarpoonch, Changabang and the Doon Valley, from the top

Nag tibba trek begins from Pantwari, a small town in Uttarakhand. It takes around 6 hours to show up at the spot from the state capital for instance Dehradun. The trekking first takes the trekkers to the Nag Devta Temple and later the course encounters rich green pine and Deodar forests and superb streams that keep you close to the rough greatness of nature. Further, the path offers an opportunity to examine terraced estates and little towns, which gets a sentiment of vitality trekkers and expels all fatigue.

How to reach Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba trek is a 10km trek from base camps in Pantwari, which is definitely not a significant distance away from Dehradun. On the off chance that you have your own vehicle, direct reach to Pantwari with the assistance of Google map. On the off chance that you are going via train or transport or flight, there are a few courses that you can select to reach Dehradun however the least demanding course is from Delhi. Pantwari is 33kms away from dehradun. Subsequent to coming to Dehradun, you can employ a taxi or transport to reach Pantwari. From here to Nag Tibba base is at 2600 m separation.

Why You should go for this Trek:
NagTibba is a perfect spot for trekking and outdoors during winter and spring. This entire famous trek's course includes simple trekking of 6-7 hours. The trek is secured with lavish green valleys, quieted villages and oak timberlands, which offers abundant open doors for nature photography and astrophotography.

Outdoors in Nag Tibba is an exceptional encounter. Also, why it shouldn't be? It's an ideal spot for outdoors during winter and spring. Remember to acquire outdoors tents when you reach to Deharadun. Tents are accessible at Nashville street. Outdoors under the starry evening sky with a blaze is a fantasy worked out.

Seeking after mountains and showing up at the highest point is something that each experience sweetheart couldn't envision anything better than to appreciate. I most definitely worship trekking on high domains through the lovely landscape and action stuffed courses that offer a lot of surge and pleasure. Amidst the astounding trekking objectives of India, Nag Tibba is a moderate trek, anyway undoubtedly, the most empowering one. It is the place a trekker would research the covered supernatural occurrences of nature and regard the perfect gloriousness of the Himalayas. Trailing through great streams, slanting conduits, rich boondocks and delightful glades, is in all likelihood a perfect experience. In this manner, one fine day, I decided to test my real potential by agreeing with my allies for a Nag Tibba trekking effort.

Things you need to take before going on a trek

·         Water bottles
·         Swiss knife: a multipurpose toolset
·         Cash
·         Paper soap
·         Dry clothes
·         Medication: Diamox tablets
·         Toiletries
·         Torch with extra batteries
·         Powerbank
·         Packed food items or energy supplements
·         Hiking shoes

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